The Best Dog Breeds for a First Time Owner

Becoming a first-time dog parent can be exciting. Still, it can be a bit overwhelming. This is because you do not have an idea of a breed suitable for you. There are lots of pet breeds; how do you choose the right one?

This piece is specially designed for first-time canine owners. It’s providing a list of the best dog breeds for beginners.

What Are the Best Dog Breeds for a Beginner?

There are several dog breeds that you can choose to adopt. Each one has its distinct qualities. Some have active energy levels, while some don’t. They each vary in size, appearance, and temperament. Also, they have got different grooming needs. You can check holistapet for all the supplies you need to keep your animal companion happy. 

Some canines might be problematic for a beginner parent. However, some have great qualities perfect for a first-time owner. Here is a list of canine pet breeds suitable for a beginner parent.

Bichon Frise

This unique dog breed is a particularly happy one. It looks like a cotton ball, which makes it adorable to everyone. This kind is a great companion to its parent.

Bichons are not at all difficult to handle. They are easy to train and adapt to any lifestyle. As a first-time parent, make sure it gets involved in your budget. They are elegant creatures. So, regular grooming is required. This special pooch has a curly coat that needs regular trimming.

To save some expenses, I advise you to keep the hair short. Longer coats will need regular maintenance that can cost you a lot.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is popular for being a loyal and protective dog. This makes it a great family dog. This medium-large pooch is loyal, affectionate, and active. Goldens are intelligent creatures and can easily pick up a few tricks.

They can quickly adapt to any lifestyle of their parents. This makes them suitable for beginner parents. They also do not require much maintenance. Goldens do need constant exercise to keep them active and energetic. 

It will also ensure they are in good health and boredom-free.

This breed does need training. However, their smart nature makes them easy to train. Goldens are ever willing to please and relish family gatherings. Little wonder they are widely popular. You can check this page for tips on keeping your canine happy. 

If you need an energetic dog, the boxer is perfect for you. They are a very playful breed. Boxers are also affectionate and loyal and form a strong bond with its owner. If you lead an active life, the boxer will be a great companion to you. This unique canine breed needs regular exercises. They also need a strong training foundation. This will build help to build a stronger bond.

The boxers grooming need is very basic. Weekly brushing of its coast is enough for them. If properly trained, a boxer will thrive in an active household. They are highly protective of kids and tolerant of other dogs.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are highly popular dog breeds. They are deeply loyal and affectionate. This makes them perfect for a beginner parent. They form a close bond with their families and primarily care for kids. This type is relatively active, playful, intelligent, and obedient.

They do well in active surroundings. Perfect for a household that can provide regular exercise and training. They are very smart and can be trained to do most things. Labs enjoy the game of fetch, and afterward, go snuggling on a couch.

Without the necessary exercise and training, labs can act out. So, it is best to involved when dealing with this breed. They enjoy eating a lot and can easily get overweight. So, moderation is vital when feeding a Labrador retriever.

Regular brushing is required. This will enable them to shed less and keep your home clean.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier ling Charles spaniel is a unique dog breed. Even as an adult, this particular dog still looks like a pup. This makes them adorable and fun to be around. Cavaliers are sweet, loving, gentle, elegant, and intelligent. They are tiny canines with moderate energy levels. This implies that a fair amount of exercise is needed.

Despite their elegant look, essential grooming is all that’s needed. Brushing is most necessary to prevent hair tangles.

Cavalier’s smart nature allows for basic training. They respond readily and can quickly pick up tricks. They are a quiet breed, perfect for a small household. They thrive in most surroundings and bond well with children. Their smart and calm nature makes them ideal for first-time owners.


Poodles are great companions, regardless of their size. Poodles come in miniature, toy, and standard size. This breed is an excellent choice for beginners. They are playful and affectionate, making them great partners.

Their remarkable temperaments make them easy to train. They relish family moments and are always up for a walk.

Poodles can do well in any environment and are great with children. Regular brushing is required to keep them attractive. This link here has dog grooming tips for your furry companions. 


Papillons are tiny canines. Still, you shouldn’t get fooled by it. They are energetic and thrive in an active lifestyle. This breed is especially intelligent, loyal, playful, and elegant. They are both great lap partners and exercise partners. This makes them an excellent choice for a beginner.

They can do without exercise but enjoys playtime. They love running around and would be perfect for a large family. Papillons are easy to train and require only moderate grooming.

Final Note

So there you have some of the best dog breeds that are ideal for you are you are looking to adopt a puppy for the first time. You want to take your time to research the features and attribute so you can get an informed decision when picking a pet. If you need more information, this comprehensive guide about dog care will help you in choosing the right puppy for your household. It also shows you how to take care of your pet dog, and is a great resource for most canine-related things.