7 of the best kitchen design apps for 2021

If you’re considering a new kitchen design, be it a complete overhaul or something more subtle, you might be wondering where to start.

As anyone who has ever re-styled a room knows, it can be difficult to visualise what your new design will look like in practice. As well as needing to consider the shape and layout of your kitchen, you will also need to think about a variety of potential colours, textures and styles.

But you don’t have to daydream these days. Instead, you can use the technology in your pocket (or on your desk) to design your perfect kitchen. The myriad of online room design apps available for this purpose will allow you to visualise how your new kitchen will actually look in reality, before you forge ahead with it.

Here are seven of the best kitchen design apps for 2021.

1. Ikea 3D Kitchen Planner

Ikea has long put its best foot forward when it comes to creating apps for home design.

Their 3D Kitchen Planner is actually a browser extension which enables you to drag-and-drop items from their catalogue, directly into your virtual kitchen.

2. Homebase Kitchen Planner

Homebase’s Kitchen Planner is almost identical to Ikea’s in the way it works, but the obvious difference is the branding and the products themselves.

Essentially, if Homebase is your preferred shop, this is the tool to use. This app also includes a photorealistic mode which really lets you visualise that new kitchen in glorious detail.

3. https://mydeco.floorplanner.com/

This free browser-based home planning app can actually be used for any room in your house, but it’s particularly well-suited to kitchens.

You can choose from thousands of items, right down to the small touches like vases and lamps. Its massive catalogue is definitely a very big draw for many people.

4. Homify

This Android app focuses on drawing out your ideas for a new kitchen, and it does so brilliantly.

There are over 1.5 million photos of kitchen environments you can browse and add to your own ideas for quick recall. It’s a bit like Pinterest, but far more focused on creating an ideas board for a single room.

5. iCanDesign Room Planner

This option comes at a cost, but it’s definitely worth looking into, not least because you can design your kitchen as either a 2D or 3D space.

The app draws from the Ikea catalogue for its items, so you can easily find and create an affordable kitchen. The ability to enter precise custom measurements is one of several great features to be found inside this interesting little tool.

6. Planner 5D

5D kitchen design?! Yes, that’s what this app does – if you add together its ability to produce 2D and 3D kitchen designs.

There’s VR support, too, but if you just want a simple kitchen design tool that rests in the palm of your hand, it’s a great option. Just bear in mind that while it starts out free, there are a few in-app purchases required to make the most of it.

7. Magicplan

Although certainly not the cheapest option on this list, Magicplan is a smartphone app which helps you to create great-looking virtual rooms.

It’s a perfect tool for kitchen design, but does require a fair bit of time to get your head around. Consider this a premium option for those who really want to get super specific about their virtual kitchen design.

8. Cedreo

Cedreo is used by thousands of home builders, remodelers and interior designers. Users can create complete 2D and 3D house floor plans in under 2 hours, with some cutting their drafting times by up to 50%. The program is simple to use, and comes with a free
plan option.

Wrapping up

Why not try out a few of the apps above and see which one provides the best results for you?

Whichever kitchen design app you end up choosing, you will be sure to have an invaluable tool to help you design your ideal new kitchen… whilst also allowing you to have fun and enjoy the process along the way!