7 Signs You’ve Found A Good Cocktail Bar

You’ll never miss the very big words ‘Drink Responsibly’ inscribed on the wall or some wooden plank when you walk into many bars. But when you’re inside a cocktail bar, make sure you add these three words ‘don’t spill it.’ Hey! Please don’t add them to the wall. This is only imaginary; fine, skillfully prepared cocktails can knock you back a tidy sum, so why should you spill your cocktail? However, what will piss you off is parting with twenty bucks for an overly jiggled drink decorated with gloomy, sour fruits. 

A lot of bars will market themselves on how they can prepare ‘genius’ cocktails. Yet how will you be certain you’ll get what you shell out when you walk into a cocktail bar? Chances are that your fingers are now cramped from scrolling and searching on social media, you’ve looked for referrals from people, and you’ve finally found a cocktail bar for a memorable night. Will this place meet your expectations? Don’t overthink. It’s actually easy to tell if you’ve found a nice cocktail bar immediately you’ve stepped your foot inside. 

Here are seven signs you’ve found a good cocktail bar: 

  1. They’re Pouring Drinks Onto Fresh Ice

Normally shakers have ice in them; nevertheless, when your favorite ice-cold and diluted cocktail is poured into your glass, it should always be over fresh ice. Jiggled ice looks gloomy inside the glass, and the sad part is that since it’s already half-melted, your drink won’t be cool for long, and it will be diluted too fast. 

  1. The Menu Has A Modern Feel

A protean menu signifies that the mixologists are continuously playing with what’s new and flavorful. Suppose you ever decide to go sightseeing, for instance, to see the Grand Canyon. In that case, you’re sorted because, after the exploration, there are great cocktail bars such as 36 Below that appreciate the greatness of decadent drinks and have imaginative mixologists.

  1. The Bartenders Are Courteous

A little courtesy goes a long way. Although the interior decoration is stunning and the drinks are to die for, a cocktail bar can be a put-off if the bartenders annoy you. Though, if the bartenders are welcoming and really curious about mixing you the best cocktail possible, enquiring about your favorite brand or what you usually take that alone can change your perspective from this is just a good bar into an awesome bar.

  1. No Sight Of Martini Glasses On The Shelves

The sight of old-fashioned rocks glass is a breath of fresh air, the champagne saucer is also okay, long drink glasses, and two to four beautiful tiki mugs are also okay; nonetheless, you can’t see any V-shaped cocktail glasses. 

If the bartender happens to fill a martini glass to the rim, then you’re in trouble. You’re probably thinking about how to pick it up and bring it to your lips cautiously, but the result will be an eyesore. It’ll shake and end up all over your clothes and maybe spill on the beautiful stranger seated next to you. 

If you can’t spot any V-shaped cocktail glasses, it means that’s a good bar because your shirt or blouse will not have a funny stain when you come out since you’ll not have spilled your cocktail all over your clothes.

  1. Or Perhaps There’s No Sight Of A Menu

Imagine being allowed to create your own masterpiece of a cocktail drink. If you walk into a cocktail bar and they leave you under the mixologists’ creative hands, you’re in the right place. Imagine this, you give the name of your favorite brandy, whisky, gin, or rum, a combination of flavors and your glass of choice, and the bartender returns with something personalized and awesome.

  1. A Feel Of Uniqueness

If the bar you just walked in has a feeling of distinctiveness, then that’s an excellent place. It’s not characterized by sad and boring neon signs and brand-named tablecloths like other bars within the area. For instance, Birmingham is home to some of the most stylish cocktail bars. They’re embellished with care and charm.

  1. Soft Music Playing In The Background

Similar to a discourteous or unfriendly bartender, booming music can destroy a totally respectable bar. Of course, you haven’t shown up to drink with a bunch of friends and stay quiet all night and listen to blaring music, nor did you show up ready to scream.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, the stress-free method to establish if a bar mixes good cocktails is to use your taste buds when you walk into every cocktail bar; even so, imagine how expensive the taste test can be. But above are a few tactics for determining if you just found a good cocktail bar.