7 Surprising Reasons to Visit Romania

While some people like to return to the same holiday destination year after year, others prefer to use their holidays to explore new places as much as they can. However, even those travellers may be missing out on some incredible travelling experiences if they aren’t willing to step off the beaten track. Romania, for example, is a European country with a huge amount to offer, but is rarely included on any travel bucket lists. If you’re a fan of medieval architecture, historic cities, spectacular castles and beautiful scenery, Romania could be the ideal holiday destination for you. Still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons that just might change your mind.

1. Incredible Nature and Wildlife

Romania is one of the most geographically impressive countries in Europe, including lush green forests, rolling hills, vineyards, sandy beaches, mountains and the biggest delta in Europe. Its landscape also makes it a great destination for wildlife watchers looking for lynx, wolves, brown bears and more.

2. Fantastic Hiking Opportunities

The amazing Carpathian mountains are incredibly popular with hikers of every ability and experience level, so whether you’re looking for a challenge or a gentle walk, you’ll still feast your eyes on some of the best scenery you could ask for.

3. Breathtaking Natural Scenery

Speaking of scenery, you can find some spectacular sights in Romania, including the second biggest glacier in Europe, Scărișoara Glacier. There is also Bigăr Waterfall, the living fires of Buzău, the mud volcanoes of Berca and underneath the Turda salt mine, Salina Turda, which is the only underground amusement park in the world.

4. Rich and Fascinating History

Romania has been involved in plenty of conflicts and has been occupied by many different cultures over the years, which has left the country with a complex and rich history. In 2002, some of the oldest human remains ever discovered in Europe were found in Caraș-Severin (34,950 years old). There are 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Danube Delta, the Dacian fortresses in the Orăştie Mountains, the Monastery of Horezu, painted churches of Moldavia, the historic city of Sighișoara, the Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians, the fortified churches in Transylvania and Wooden Churches of Maramureș.

5. Delicious Food

Romanian cuisine is centred around filling homecooked meals made with high-quality fresh ingredients. Essentially, it’s delicious comfort food, which is simple but incredibly tasty and definitely satisfying.

6. Vibrant and Welcoming Culture

Plan your Romania holidays well, and you can enjoy some of the liveliest festivals and community celebrations you’ll find anywhere in Europe. There are festivals for every genre of music you can think of, as well celebrations of fruits, flowers, religion and revivals of traditional Romanian folk culture. Some of the top festivals in Romania also include films, arts and lifestyle.

7. Excellent Value For Money

One of the biggest attractions for travellers is that Romania is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe. Flights, accommodation, travel, food and attractions are incredibly good value for money, especially since much of what Romania has to offer is a well-kept secret for the most part.