7 Unique Spots to Discover in Birmingham

Birmingham is full of hidden gems that you would have never known existed. There are plenty of extraordinary places to explore. From shopping districts with a quirky history to bars with an exciting twist, Birmingham has a lot to offer. It’s easy to marvel at the architecture and get lost in the beautiful jewellery quarter or custard factory. Whether it’s your first time in Birmingham or you can’t get enough of the Brummy culture, here are seven of the most unique spots to discover in Birmingham.

Gin Parlours

Gin is one of the most famous British things across the world. Birmingham has several gin parlours. One of the most unique is The Jekyll & Hyde hidden cocktail bar. Thankfully this curious spot is due to reopen in August. It’s known for its elaborate cocktails, one of which involves drinking gin out of a bath. If you’re interested in becoming a mixologist, you also take a cocktail making masterclass. If not, relax with one of their “wondrous libations”. 

A Tiki Twist

The Prince of Wales is yet another unique bar to stop at if you’re doing a bit of crawl through Birmingham. This unique pub is steeped history and Caribbean culture. There’s a tiki theme throughout and they serve delicious cocktails. On special nights the whole place comes to life with limbo parties, tropical bands and you can even sit in your own private beach hut. The pub dates back to 1860 and has become increasingly charming ever since.

Perrot’s Folly

Perrot’s Folly was allegedly used for inspiration in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books, along with the Victorian stack a second tower. The tower was actually built by a location landowner and there are a few suspicious ideas as to why. Some people believe he built it to spy on his wife, others see it as a simple observatory. Whatever its origin it’s still a fascinating place to visit. It’s an English Heritage site and there are many restoration plans in order to keep it in good condition. Perrot’s Folly is surrounded by tall trees and pretty greens so it’s a lovely place for a photo. 

The Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter is a one-of-a-kind place for shopping. It’s full of independent jewellers and you can even look inside The Coffin Works. This old jewellery quarter firm is now an interactive museum. Back in the day, it produced some of the world’s finest coffin furniture including fittings for the funeral of Churchill, Chamberlain and the Queen Mother. Although it seems like a bit of a morbid subject matter, its history is very interesting and the museum itself is charming. 


Digbeth is Birmingham’s coolest neighbourhood and can offer an incredible dining experience. You can really find some of Brum’s best food at market stalls and restaurants. The area is mainly known for its street food eating and there are many pop-ups and trucks where you can sample the latest culinary delights Digbeth has to offer. There are also several historical pubs and quirky vintage shops. It’s also one of the most popular places to live in Birmingham.

Cadbury World

Cadbury World has reopened its doors to welcome curious adults and children alike to see how the iconic British chocolate is made. Don’t expect the magical Willy Wonka experience, but you will get to see how chocolate is made in the factory and even get to sample some. It’s a great day out for all the family. There are also plenty of fun interactive activities to try out. Don’t forget to stock up on goodies at the factory reject store. 

The Custard Factory

Custard is an important part of Birmingham’s history. The Custard Factory complex was originally the host of the famous Bird’s custard makers. It’s now a unique and trendy shopping destination. The original buildings covered fifteen acres of factories and have since been redeveloped. The space has been transformed and filled with some of the city’s most creative businesses, independent shops, cafes, and bars. 

Many different events also take place at The Custard Factory including music, theatre, poetry, and storytelling. Whereas the original site was used to produce the first egg-free custard, it’s now a famous source of culture. 

There really are so many amazing things to do in Birmingham that it’ll always surprise you. Even if you are familiar with some of these places it’s always fun to look out for the latest pop-up, designer, or cocktail invention. Birmingham is a unique city both to live in and visit.