Digbeth: Birmingham’s number one place to live, eat, drink, and shop

Are you considering a move to Birmingham? Or do you already live here but are looking for a change of scenery? Then you’re in luck. Digbeth is widely tipped as Birmingham’s coolest neighbourhood and the one with the most potential. In this article, we will take you through a virtual walk of Digbeth’s streets, telling you where to eat and drink, what to see, and how you can get your hands on some prime real estate.

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Located in Central Birmingham, Digbeth forms a part of the ‘Big City Plan’ and is going through a period of redevelopment. People have lived in the area since the 7th century and it then became one of the first industrial centres in the city and nationally. Some big names that once called Digbeth home include the Birmingham Battery and Metal Company, Typhoo Tea, and Bird’s custard.

Now, much of the industry has disappeared but the landscape is dominated by old, red-brick industrial buildings, many of which are being transformed into hip venues and apartments.


Digbeth sits just a stone’s throw from the famous Bullring shopping centre that’s home to 140 shops over 1585 square feet. But if independent, quirky shops are more your thing then you won’t be disappointed. Digbeth is also home to a myriad of vintage shops, artisanal food stores, and various other retailers selling interesting objects and items.

Eating and Drinking

The area is well known for its street food including a variety of pop-ups and trucks dotted around. It offers a wide selection of different kitchens with a trendy, unique, and interesting twist. Kanteen which is on the site of the old Custard Factory offers the best breakfast and for dinner, you can choose between tapas, vegan, Mediterranean, fusion, Indian, Caribbean, and of course, traditional British grub.

For drinks, Mockingbird is a firm favourite but you can also visit pubs that have been there for a couple of hundred years. Bradford Street was once home to over 20 pubs and taverns but now only three remain. You can visit Adam & Eve, The Anchor, and The White Swan for a proper pint and pub lunch


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You can rent properties in Digbeth, starting from around £700 a month for one bed. Prices go up depending on the quality and size of the property. For a three-bedroom, you can expect to pay around £1000 a month as a starting point.

But for those that want to invest in property, prices are surprisingly reasonable. Having peaked in 2005 at an average of £216,953, they are now down to £154,654. This provides a great investment opportunity for potential homeowners. As the area is continuing to undergo development, prices are expected to begin to rise again, offering a good return and lucrative rental opportunities.

The place to be

There is no doubt that Digbeth is the place to be. A bustling and trendy part of town, it has everything; nightlife, nice food, great shopping, and affordable housing. For those that want to pick up a bargain that could yield big returns in the future, or you just want to live in Birmingham’s hippest district, Digbeth is the only choice!