9 Highly Effective Habits Of Great Technical Resume Writers

All over the world, employers need resumes to look for the perfect fit. And in that process of recruitment, a good resume is what stands between a dream job and a Choice. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to submit a resume that stands out. Here are 9 highly effective habits of technical resume writers which will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd:

Linking Experiences and Achievements in The Best Way

Being a good resume writer, you must link your achievements and experience to look appropriate for the posted vacancy. Doing so would help convince the hiring manager that you are the right candidate for them. For instance, you can write about:

  • How have you recently solved difficult situations while performing your duty?
  • How did you turn a problem during a project into an opportunity?

Remember, most employers seek strengths rather than experiences in the organization. So, whenever you mention an experience, don’t forget to mention an achievement related to it. However, if you find it hard to do so, you can always opt for affordable resume writing services.

Adding Soft and Hard Skills

Most of the candidates only mentioned their work experience along with their responsibilities. They may also add their achievements, but they forget to mention what skills they used to reach those achievements.

For instance, when they were faced with a challenge during a project, how did they overcome that challenge? And what skills did they use to do that? Writing it down will help the recruiter know your strengths.

A good technical writer must inform what impact their contribution or achievement has made in flourishing their organizations. Impact or roles should be quantifiable as numbers speak for themselves. In some cases, you can mention how you have participated in cost saving projects committee and reduced the yearly cost from 10000 USD to 7000 USD with some changes in the company’s current processes.

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Making It Easy for the Readers to Measure The Level of Expertise

Many employers find it difficult to gauge the expertise of the author. The expertise is often mixed up with the experience. Good resumes should help the reader assess or differentiate between the level of expertise and experience. To make it easy, show skills and expertise in the matrix and align from top to bottom. Doing so would help the readers grasp things quickly.

If this sounds too overwhelming, you can also buy a resume online. You need to share your details and let the professional writer do the best job.

Having Several Versions of the Resume

As employers have different requirements, candidates must have different versions of their resumes. It is a habit every job seeker must adopt to become a great resume writer. It can help them get their chance of being selected.

Different versions mean that resume emphasis should be given according to what is being demanded by the employer. Sometimes, employers prefer more technical details rather than a management side. Sometimes their focus is on leadership skills. Good resume writers should turn the table by offering versions of resumes.

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Having Clarity and Conciseness

Make sure your resume is clear and precise. You don’t need to add additional details. Hiring managers do not have too much time to read your resume carefully. So, add a summary at the start that highlights your major professional achievements. And, keep it short.

Also, avoid complicated language. Whether writing an accountant resume or a professional medical resume, keep it precise and simple.

Adding a Personal Angle

Most recruiters and employers tend to focus on the other part, and personal information is often overlooked due to the short time and technology screening processes but adding no information is not advisable. So, add in whatever is relevant, such as:

  • Contact details;
  • Age;
  • Gender.

This information should be put in a way that catches the attention of the employers.

Organizing and Formatting Well

A well-written structured, and written resume will surely shine from others. The best resume writers structure their resumes to work best for them. Resume layout and formatting should be done according to the best practices.

Keeping the Accuracy of Information

No matter how much you put effort into your resume writing, if there is any inaccuracy in the information, it will lead to disqualification from the process. Highly effective writers make sure the stats and achievements mentioned are accurate to their knowledge.


The best practice is to proof twice before sending it to any employers. Doing so would save you from losing the opportunity. It is recommended to check all contents, but the below-mentioned contents have extra importance:

  1. Spelling;
  2. Objective / Summary;
  3. Dates;
  4. Contact information;
  5. Layout;
  6. Technical information or numbers;
  7. Ranking of previous employer’s experiences,
  8. Achievement and responsibilities.

Writing effective resumes usually doesn’t end with 9 effective facts or observations. Great writers make every effort to make their resumes reach on top. So, if you have been struggling to write a resume by yourself, adopting the habits mentioned above is sure to help you.