Heidi’s Bier Bar Review by Wallis Brown

Broad street has welcomed the UK’s second Heidi’s Bier Bar and it can boast to be the largest of the two. We were invited to the opening night of this lively Scandinavian establishment, with timber beams, foliage and staff in Tyrolean uniforms which transports you from the city of Birmingham to the après-ski party atmosphere, that gets you dancing on tables and guzzling down their drink towers, which I hope you buy with the purpose of sharing!

The outside of the bar itself is extremely eye catching, with it’s vibrant green and yellow display, that immediately had my attention in the crowded strip that is Broad Street. Showcasing it’s individuality before you cross over into another country all together and lose yourself in their festival night out feeling for a few hours or all night if you can’t bring yourself to immerge from this delightful place.

Once we got past a rather intense bouncer, that I would most definitely be happy to never encounter again, we were greeted with nothing but the warmest of hospitality and enthusiasm. I was pleasantly taken aback by the decor and music of Heidi’s Bier Bar and was smiling before we were even seated and tended to.

Complementary drinks were available to us, the cocktails were an absolute delight and the beer went down well with my plus one, who I’m glad didn’t order the tower because I’m not sure I could of carried him home on my own. We also ordered a pepperoni pizza that was delicious and was very well presented on a long wooden board.

The staff were very attentive and never approached or interacted without the biggest of smiles on their faces, two of which stood out immediately, Jake and Jarrad, who had every one of our needs met without any issue and did so with the friendliness, professionalism and a good dance. Even taking the time to stand and talk without rushing off to the next patron, their knowledge of the bar when asked showed a work ethic and love for their job, that you don’t always find in staff when it comes to bars. I would come back just to say hi and have a dance on the tables with them!

Speaking of table top moves, the staff do jump on the bar and even encourage you to clamber onto your own tables to join in with the energetic dancing. It makes for a very personal and inclusive environment, with a pally rapport between customers and employees.

Heidi’s Bier Bar is two levels, the top floor bringing you karaoke, beer pong, shuffle board and pool. A great one for those who don’t just want to go out for a drink and a dance but adding in that competitive element of fun that a lot of bars lack in and everyone around us seemed to be having the best of times and the room was filled with laughter and lively chatter, always a good sign on opening night, not to mention that pretty much all the tables were reserved, so I think the Scandinavian bar will be a hit with us brummies for sure.

You must already be thinking there couldn’t possibly be more that this wonderland of amusement has to offer, well think again, as while waiting for drinks we noticed a band setting up equipment on a stage adjacent to the dance floor. To my dismay I wasn’t able to stay for the live performance and I can only imagine that it was another incredible addition to an already perfect evening.

For me I think that anyone attending Heidi’s Bier Bar will not regret their experience, especially if it was anything like mine and you will most definitely wake up the next day wanting to plan another outing their very soon! A place full of staff and an overall aura driven towards giving you a night filled

with immense joy and entertainment, along with good food and amazing drinks. How could you not have the best of times?

Words by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham