A Guide to Visiting Glasgow

When it comes to planning a trip to Scotland, Glasgow should be high on the priority list, with so much to offer regarding things to see and do.

A trip from Birmingham to Glasgow will see you travelling for around 5 hours, give or take, by road or rail, but it’s definitely worth the travel time to explore this fantastic destination and take in a little of Scotland for your next holiday!

  • Make Sure to Plan Ahead for Exciting Events

Glasgow and nearby Scotland are home to many possibilities for exciting events and locations. Due to the fantastic scenery, many places in Scotland – including Glasgow – have been used as filming locations for popular movies and TV shows, like Outlander, which has made prime use of the countryside and castles of this amazing country. You can easily bag yourself a tour if you plan ahead and be sure to check online to see if any events or festivals are scheduled for the time of your travel.

  • It’s an Architecture-Lover’s Paradise

Exploring this city will see you exposed to some fantastic works of architecture – and you’ll want to plan the best route in advance if you want to tour around all the best structures and buildings on display. Favourites include the Glasgow Cathedral in Gothic form, the City Chambers, and the Riverside Museum.

  • Save a Lot of Spending Money if You’re a Fan of Shopping

Glasgow houses its famous Style Mile, located in the city centre and a shopping lover’s haven for retail therapy. With such a vast array of shops from many different brands, a trip along this shopping mile is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and spend your hard-earned cash (another bonus if you’re travelling by road and don’t need to worry about fitting all your great purchases into your baggage allowance!).

  • Don’t Be Alarmed if Locals Have Their Tops Off

Come rain or shine, Glaswegians prefer to rid themselves of heavy top layers, so be prepared to see a lot of that about in public places. Better still – join in!

  • It Doesn’t Just Have to be About City Life

A visit to Glasgow doesn’t mean you’re restricted to busy high streets or stone buildings. If you’re looking to escape a little more, Loch Lomond is within easy distance to travel to from Glasgow. Located in Trossachs National Park, this beautiful loch is around a 50-minute drive away from Glasgow and is the perfect chance to explore the stunning Scottish scenery.

  • Glasgow is the Perfect Spot for Art Lovers

Or even if you’re an art newbie and want to fill your next trip with a little more culture! Glasgow is home to the arts, including institutions like the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, National Theatre of Scotland, and the Headquarters of the Scottish Ballet. There’s also an abundant selection of art galleries and even street art to keep your creative mind indulged. Glasgow is full of independent galleries, too, meaning there’s never been so much art ready to be experienced.