A theatre production ‘The Waiting Room.’

Join Lemon, a girl trapped in a timeless limbo, pining for her for her lost love, Cactus. As Lemon grapples with the mystery of the door that won’t open and the loved ones who have disappeared through it, audiences are invited to laugh, cry and reflect on their own relationship experiences. And yes, there’s even a quirky song about watermelons. Come along on this poignant journey and see if Lemon can ever escape the waiting room.

The Waiting Room is an eccentric yet relatable play that anxious attachment theory through a surreal lens, filled with beautiful physical movement and dreamy dialogue.

“I wrote this play based on my own experiences. Before I understood attachment theory, I used to seek advice from others about my relationships and struggled to identify the real problems. Knowing your attachment type involves analysing your history and memory. I hope this play can help young people in the early stages of their romantic relationships to recognise their emotional journeys.“

– Moon Kim

Audience Reviews:

“There was never a dull moment, each second was filled with intense passion from Moon’s character, all culminating with an unexpected yet thrilling original song.”

“The Waiting Room is a surreal journey that provokes a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving me both tearing up and laughing aloud.”


“Weird and wonderful” – Brighton on the inside


Writer and Performer – Moon Kim

Director – Esalan Gates

Producer – Rebecca Dilg

Listing Information

Venue: The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre

4 Temple Row West, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 5NY

Dates and Times: 26th June, 7.30pm | Running time: 60 mins (approx.)

Tickets: from £13 | Ticket link: https://old-joint-stock- theatre.designmynight.com/65f472f712d9014a0c38826d/the-waiting-room

Social Media and Website:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonkim.theatrecompany

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555874896220

Website: https://www.moonkimtheatre.com

Moon Kim (Moonjeong Kim, 김문정) is a Korean theatre maker based in London. She studied Theatre and Contemporary Dance at Kyeongsung University (BA) in Korea and pursued further studies in Acting at East 15 Acting School (MFA). Moon’s creative endeavours focus on blending different art forms and experimenting with unconventional approaches. Her work is characterised by its eccentric and dream- like qualities. The Waiting Room is her writing debut.

Esalan Gates has written since 2016 for festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe and Durham Drama Festival. While completing her English BA at Durham she directed plays with a focus on accessible but impactful Shakespeare. Her interest in literature, art and economics collided in Sharps, marking her London writing/directing debut.

Rebecca Dilg is an independent theatre and film producer based in London.
“Illusions of Liberty”, Rebecca’s last theatre project, received an Online OnComm nomination. Other credits include Big (VAULT Festival), The Santa Crisis, Visions of Bradford, So You Say, I Will Miss You When You’re Gone and In Search of Myself. Her latest film project “The Mad Poet’s Cafe – A Question of Time” has won ten awards, including “Best Web Series”.