An Creative Debate on State Surveillance

‘Following on from the success of their first open discussion event ‘The Fear of The Immigrants’ – The second Hubb Debate looks at another thorny issue that has ammassed inumerable column-inches over recent months – State Surveillance.

Taking place at 6pm, May 12th 2016, at the Hubb Arts Space in Birmingham, this public debate and interactive art-piece will feature artistic responses from Britain’s greatest male Jazz singer Cleveland Watkiss alongside projected visuals by the Southbank Award winning artist Mohammed Ali.

Questions posed to the audience will include:

Do recent revelations of mass interception of private digital communications suggest we are now living in a Surveillance State?

Do anti-radicalisation policies such as ‘Prevent’ obligate us all in spying on students, colleagues & neighbours?

Does state surveillance assist in maintaining civil liberties, or is it a tool of repression that hinders free speech?

This event is brought to life by Soul City Arts, whose director and founder, Mohammed Ali said:

Often the voices most heard, belong to those who shout the loudest, or have the biggest platform. This must change. We are offering a platform to all, creating safe and neutral spaces for us to have difficult conversations and present them in extraordinary forms.

Cleveland Watkiss BirminghamThe second in a series of such events sponsored by AHRC’s Cultural Exchange Scheme, ‘The Hubb Debates’ explore hard-hitting topics and are open to artists and members of the public

  • “Art & Debate explore State Surveillance”
  • “South Bank Award-Winning Artist, Mohammed Ali, curates a debate with a unique twist – Performance artists respond live to the discussion”
  • “Britain’s greatest Jazz performer sings about State Surveillance”

The Hubb Debate – Part 2 – Surveillance State

6pm, 12th May 2016

Hubb, The Bordesley Centre, Stratford Road, Birmingham, B11 1AR

To take part in the debate, simply turn up on the night, email or call 07793 208 938′