An Introduction To The Responsibilities Of A Marketing Executive

Marketing executive positions are highly sought after because they allow for tremendous job satisfaction and career growth. Marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the advertising and marketing profession. It is not unusual to find a marketing executive with multiple positions in different companies. This makes marketing executives some of the highest-paid employees in the advertising field. Because marketing managers are involved in so many different aspects of an advertiser’s overall strategy, the positions can be quite varied. They need to provide managerial skills to all aspects of marketing, from ways to buy SoundCloud plays, to setting an appropriate budget to achieve the organization’s marketing goals. 

What Is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is an organizational field that focuses on the strategic application of marketing principles, techniques, and methods within organizations and enterprises and the organization’s marketing assets and activities. Therefore, a successful marketing executive must be skilled in many different skills. These include the ability to communicate effectively and persuade others; understand and analyze marketing strategies and potentials; work well with people from various backgrounds; be skillful at developing and maintaining relationships with a variety of people; possess good decision-making skills; understand financial issues and solutions; possess good mathematical skills; be able to communicate well. Marketing management positions require strong written and oral communication skills. In addition, a marketing executive must also be a very well-organized and detail-oriented person. Marketing managers are usually expected to be excellent problem solvers and have excellent computer and written skills.

Work Experience

The key to being hired by a marketing executive is to have relevant work experience in an industry that is related to the position. Most marketing executives have either been employed by or are currently employed by large advertising agencies. Having relevant work experience helps to demonstrate that you are a self-starter and have initiative and creativity.

Salaries for marketing executives depend on many factors including the company in which they work, the size of the company, and the overall popularity of the company. Salaries for these professionals are typically above thirty thousand dollars per year. They usually start at around twenty-five thousand per year, but this can increase depending on their performance. Most professionals start around fifteen or sixteen thousand dollars.

Required Skills

The skills and knowledge needed to be a successful marketing executive are diverse and are divided into two major categories. One is that of technical skills. This includes such skills as analytical skills, research skills, and web design and management. The second category is that of leadership skills. These include such skills as good organizational skills, vision, creativity, and stress management.

Most marketing executives often use a combination of technical and leadership skills. This is to get the job done fast and efficiently. Some of the techniques that are often used include producing quality articles and working with a small to medium size team. When using a combination of technical and leadership skills, marketing executives can reach goals and meet customer requirements.

Determining Factors Of Success

A variety of factors determine how well a marketing executive might perform. Some of these include their personality, experience, and the type of industry in which they work. Other things that might influence their success include their ability to handle various stressors, such as deadlines and critics. Most marketing executives must also be highly organized and have excellent time management skills.


Marketing executives may also choose to obtain formal education as either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Some choose to go on to obtain further degrees because they find that their current level of education is not what they need to achieve their goals. Others can continue their education to advance in their careers. Depending on what the individual’s goals and needs are, they may want to focus on one specific area to better understand that area. By obtaining more education, marketing executives can increase their skills and knowledge and increase the effectiveness of their job duties and responsibilities.