As mobile gambling grows – what are the best mobile payment methods?

Getting online to enjoy your favourite gambling games is now an essential part of any casino brand’s offering. It is no longer considered a luxury product. And most players actually prefer to use their mobile devices in this way.

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in general mobile use. As a result, e-commerce has experienced massive growth. So it is not surprising then that fans of online casinos and other types of gambling also prefer to access their hobby in this way.

Benefits of playing on mobile devices

There are many reasons why customers choose to access online gaming via mobile tech. So let’s take a quick look at a few of the main benefits that are often cited by customers in this niche.


Accessing sports betting, casino games, bingo and lotteries is always far more convenient when you have the tech in the palm of your hand. We perform all kinds of daily tasks on our mobile phones and tablets. As a result, customers don’t want to buy other tech in order to access top casino sites, for example.

Mobile phones have proved that they are the future of many different industries. And a large part of this is down to simple and effective convenience that they offer.


Accessing websites and making online payments is always super fast using your mobile phone. Companies invest millions of pounds in their mobile sites. As such, they are able to offer some of the fastest ways to complete payments and other types of transactions.

And when it comes to casino games, loading them up is also lightning fast thanks to the HTML5 format. You won’t see any loss of quality using your mobile device to play slots and other types of casino games. And as soon as you hit the play button, they respond instantly.


And with the increased use of mobile phones to carry out so many different procedures comes an inevitable heightened security system.

When e-commerce and mobile phones first combined, it was always seen as a slightly risky concept. But now there are so many security steps in place and our handheld gadgets have become part of the various processes and protocols.

In many cases, you can’t even complete an online payment without confirming the action using your mobile phone. So if you need your mobile device as part of the security steps, then why wouldn’t you continue to play your favourite gambling games on the same device?

Pay by phone casinos

Mobile payment options have come a long way since their inception. When the idea first came about, the only real choice was to search for your bank or credit card to make a payment online.

But for some customers, the potential security issues hindered the desire to buy products online. And this was the same for pay by phone casino customers as well.

Given the reluctance to share such sensitive details over the internet, it wasn’t long before other products emerged. Companies such as eBay, for example, made use of safer payment options like PayPal. And this brought about a whole new level of trust and performing online sales.

But even though e-wallets are a fantastic idea, they do still have their drawbacks. And this led to the development of more truly mobile payment products hitting the market.

Using phone credit & monthly bill payments

For casino customers, the option to pay with phone credit was a real game-changer. It added a range of benefits that were not seen before.

It didn’t just continue to offer the convenience of performing transactions on your phone. But it also continued to maintain the same speed and perhaps even heightened security that is not available with other payment methods.

Furthermore, a pay by phone casino gives you the option to take cash from your top-up credit and send it directly over to your casino balance. And the same is also possible using your monthly phone bill.

A pay by mobile casino will simply send the deposit amount over to the network carrier. As a result, they add it to your monthly phone bill and customers simply pay it off at the end of the month as usual.

Payforit & Boku

In addition to all of the above benefits, pay by mobile casinos also help players keep their spending under control. There are very small transaction limits. You can only make payments of £10 at any one time. And you can only complete this type of transaction three times in one day. So as a budgeting tool, it is up there with the best of them for casino customers.

For UK customers, these payments are performed by two major companies. Payforit and Boku have come to the forefront as the main contenders for mobile casino payments in the UK. And the great news is that the service they both offer is exactly the same and are both 100% trustworthy.

There are plenty of casino brands in the region that offer this type of payment product. And you can use to find pay by phone casino sites licensed in the United Kingdom.

When you head over to the cashier section at your chosen casino site, you can go ahead and make a mobile payment using either of these brands. It won’t affect your experience by choosing one over the other. And some casinos will only have one company available anyway.

There are other similar firms available in Europe and throughout the world that have the same platforms. But these are the two that you will come across most frequently at UK sites.