Asia Asia Food Hall welcomes five brand new restaurants to its Food Hall

This July Asia Asia Food Hall welcomed five brand new restaurants to its Food Hall. Cuisines including such as Japanese, Korean, Malatang and Dumplings and BBQ whilst also welcoming a new bubble tea/shake restaurant called Q-Tea.

The new restaurants are:

Sakura – a traditional Japanese style cuisine with dishes ranging from Sashimi to Bento Boxes. They have over 60 dishes to choose from and are available on the First Floor.

Korean Food – aptly named this is a Korean Food restaurant serving Korean Fried Chicken, Dub Bab, Bibimbap and many more. Perfectly placed on the First Floor.

BBQ and Dumpling – as you can guess, this restaurant serves dumplings and BBQ dishes, as well as Chinese Salads and Roast Chicken Wings, they really have it all! Now available on the Second Floor of Asia Asia Food Hall.

Malatang – In this restaurant all the food is valued price wise at weight. Your meal will start with a broth base and you can add any type of vegetable and meat to this dish and it is valued at the weight of the dish upon ordering.

Q-Tea – This is Asia Asia Food Hall’s newest addition – a new Bubble Tea stall with a wide variety of drinks with flavours such as Orange Passion Fruit to Jasmine Green Tea. It really is worth a try and you can even get some drinks served hot!

We have a wide range of amazing new flavours, tastes and spices to tantalize your taste buds this year at Asia Asia Food Hall, from Korean Fried Chicken to Dumplings, we really have anything you could want. Along with our originals – Pho Viet, Bangkok Street and TT Teppanyaki.

Amongst our delicious new dishes, come back and try our fantastic Vietnamese, Thai and Teppanyaki dishes today.