Aurora Estate

During the past year Aurora Estates’ entrepreneurs Heidi and Sirly have fought their way through the covid-19 pandemic, with hard and persistent work.

They have worked long hours and supported each other through hard and sometimes even desperate times.

In the middle of all of this they have both established their own new company and been able to share their skills and knowledge.

Sirly has developed her own brand ”Chef Sirly”, of which you can read more in our previous post

”Beauty of Lapland”.

Lappi On Lifestyle- Lapland is a lifestyle

Heidi has started a consulting company Lappi on lifestyle in late October 2020.

Heidi started working on ”The Barö”- project in December 2020 and continues with the project until the end of may.

Her aim is to help develop the hospitality industry to more modernized and customer friendly experience.

” My aim is to help develop the hospitality industry to give more modernized and customer friendly experiences.I have worked on major incentive productions so I am capable of planning big events in the hospitality industry. Also I have a vast network and knowledge of Lapland and it’s services.”

The Barö

The Barö has been a very interesting project as the idea was to build a hotel, where it is not necessary to have human contact if wanted.

The whole booking system is automated with online check in and check out.

Also in the rooms there are tablets of which guests can book their room service and experiences like massage, saunas, different excursions and city visits.

The hotel consists of the main building, a small restaurant called The Berg which serves fine dining, Lounge and champagne terrace that looks over the beautiful archipelago at Barösund area in Inkoo.

Hotel rooms are 13 individual buildings, and 12 rooms, and The Barösund room one is their flagship suite with separate living room with fireplace and bathroom, the second room is bedroom and between the rooms is a terrace with Drop pool hot tub and sauna.

The location is fantastic, only 80 kilometers from Helsinki airport so one hour with taxi and Helicopter transportations is possible in the future as well!

Heidis’ job in the project has been mapping the systems and solution, assisting in creating sales channels and client interfaces and sharing her knowledge in operating a hotel and management in hospitality.

”This has been a great challenge, I already had a vast knowledge of different automated systems, since we have also planned a new hotel ourselves that was supposed to be automated and easy for guests to book and use the services. The aim was to give an easy customer experience in a new exclusive Boutique hotel we planned to Lapland. These plans were already well advanced, but covid hit us in march 2020 hard and we lost the project for the time being.

During The Barö- project my knowledge has come to be useful, though there have been many new systems coming up for me as well.

I have truly enjoyed this new job and have been happy to work with the great team of The Barö, Jussi and Netta Paavoseppä, the power couple behind the project and Bianca McKell, who is the Hotel operations Director.”

The Baro is opening 1st of June 2021 and is now bookable

Please go and have a look in to this beautiful Luxury resort at