Balou Bullring Clothing Brand Launch review

Balou has just opened it’s doors in the Bullring, located top floor next to Selfridges right by the doors leading out to the Bull and it’s a parents idea of heaven! To my joy I got to go to the launch event for this stunning shop and fell in love with pretty much all the clothing this brand has to offer, some even for adults that are matching with the kids clothing so you can twin with your little one. The shop it’s self is very pretty with a tree flourishing in the window and clothing displayed in a way that is easy on the eye and not overwhelming for the customer to peruse through.

The owner is an extremely lovely woman, who chatted to everyone and was very welcoming. A mother herself with a vision of what she wanted not only for her and her mini self but for others to enjoy wear and dress their children in.

Refreshments and mini cakes that looked and tasted delicious where available at the launch along with goody bag that had little pamper bits. In attendance were local influencers and I conversed with a few who were very kind and easy to talk to which made the evening enjoyable while I browsed the rails to see what Balou had to offer. The night also had a magician who seemed to be very popular with the guests, although I didn’t get to see a trick myself but then again maybe that was his disappearing act!

I unfortunately didn’t get to stay the whole evening as I did have to make it back home to relieve my babysitters and get up for the school run in the morning which I thought was more than acceptable considering the target audience for the brand and I did go home with long list of things I wanted! So the event did exactly what it intended and sold me on it’s appeal and beauty so I could share it with all of you!

The clothing is really well made, beautiful and luxurious without breaking the bank and for the price tag they certainly haven’t skimped on quality, I was overly impressed with everything I saw. So much so that I went back the next day and then a few days after to purchase pieces for me and my daughter, one of which is a grey long length tutu that I will be wearing to an awards event very soon! To my surprise the tutus are all hand made by the brands owner and are expertly done, it is definitely a labour of love which I think adds a personal touch to your purchase. Especially for me as I was very lucky to have been able to not only buy these beautiful items but get a background of it from the creator herself.

An absolutely enchanting shop and brand, run by an inspiring and creative woman. Definitely worth a visit for any one who loves shopping for and spoiling their children with fashionable clothing, as well as getting to style yourself along with them.

Words by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham (