The holidays are around the corner, and the early birds have begun the yearly scramble to get the ideal gifts for their loved ones. Giving gifts to family and friends is usually an esteemed part of the Christmas holiday. For this reason, we could not pass out the chance to review some of the best gift shops in Birmingham. 

There is a wide range of gifts from fancy jewelry, clothes, and vehicles to simple gifts like a personalized rum bottle, footwear, and kitchenware. Besides, Birmingham has a lot more to offer, from its impressive nightlife, hotels, cafes, and beauty shops to its festivals and community events

On that note, here are the best gift shops in Birmingham;

  1. Smithsonia 

Smithsonia is among the most loved gift shops in Birmingham. It has been running as a family business for the last four decades. Considering they are an established and well-known family venture; they have created a good reputation for the business over the years. 

This gift shop offers a wide array of incredible items made and designed in the United Kingdom. Moreover, Smithsonia stands out since it features an extensive range of jewelry and gifts. Again, it is filled with all the gifts you might want to buy for your friends and family during the holidays. 

What’s more, they have established a great chain of suppliers, most of whom are artists from the UK and beyond. There’s something for everyone with the fine selection of bronze, glassware, pottery, jewelry, and smaller items such as gift wraps and greeting cards. 

Finally, Smithsonia strives to offer a personalized touch to your gift-searching experience this holiday season. 


Their specialties include Christmas-themed cards and gifts, clocks, gallery, and mug collection, men’s gifts, Limited Edition prints, ceramics and glass, greeting cards, bronzes, vintage silver, stylish pewter, and soft toys. 

  1. Special occasions giftware gift shop 

Next is this lavish independent giftware shop, offering greeting cards and an impressive range of gifts for all special occasions from Christmas and new year’s gifts to birthdays and anniversary gifts.

Located in Castle Bromwich, it has hundreds of gifts to select from, and you can genuinely impress your family and friends and outshine everyone in the art of gift-giving. 

The Special Occasions Gift Shop is committed to offering you excellent gift ideas, from customary wedding gifts to typical birthday presents. Furthermore, they seek to inspire you with a wide range of gift ideas, allowing you to choose the most suitable one. 

They’re a mother & daughter team that have served their community for more than two decades. Besides, they retail greeting cards for various occasions like christening, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Again, they provide same-day delivery if you’re short on time. So, whether you’re searching for a thank you, success, or happy birthday card, their ingenious gifts fit your interests and ideas, no matter your budget. 


Wish jars and balloons, wedding, christening, birthday cards, light glow, Splosh signature frames, fairy houses, Splosh’s Life Quotes, and willow tree figurines.

  1. I had one of those 

This is an all-inclusive shop that you won’t forget. It is a gift-offering venture that sets things apart in a conventional way. “I had one of those” shop provides a unique experience at an affordable price. They aim to make all their visitors feel welcome, as to them, you’re not simply another client but a guest. 

Additionally, they offer toys, games, and sweets. They also carry wrapping paper, DVDs, carry bags, badges, cards, and books. 


Some of the gifts they offer are Christmas and Halloween greeting cards, wrapping paper, Mothers` Day gifts, clocks, trinkets, stuffed animals, adult gifts, kid games, baskets, toys, mugs, sweets, DVDs, bags, books, handbags, and cards. 

Classic diamonds 

Last on our review of the best gift shops in Birmingham is Classic Diamond. This is a family-owned venture launched over five decades ago in Birmingham. 

They specialize in producing and selling diamond jewelry and licensed diamond rings. Besides, they carry vast stocks of 18ct gold and platinum wedding bands. Again, they have a vast range of stocks of GIA and IGI licensed stones in all blends of carat weighs, colors and clarities. 

So, if you don’t mind spending a lot of money this holiday season to buy your loved one’s gifts, classic diamonds are a good option. Their wide array of Platinum and 18ct mounts enable them to provide unmatched services to their clients. 

They seek to offer top-quality products and customer satisfaction. Besides, they sell quality products and attempt to simultaneously provide distinctive designs and styles and impressive customer service. 

Moreover, they have an in-house skilled diamond grader to guarantee that the stones they sell are of top quality. Also, if you’re too busy to go to their physical store, some of their products can be bought from their official site and delivered to your doorstep. 


Diamond jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, bangles, bracelets, and earrings. Also, you can buy pearls, diamond clusters, engagement, dress, and eternity rings, wedding bands, and colored stones. 

Well, there you have it, the best giftshops in Birmingham. 

Have fun shopping!