Best Photo Gift Ideas for Families This Christmas

When you’re doing the Christmas shopping, you might be buying a range of gifts for individual people and gifts to give to families. Family gifts can be an ideal choice for those people that you might not know very well like your neighbours or people from school, when you want to get something that the whole family can enjoy without spending a ton of money. Personalised gifts can often be a great choice in this case, especially photo gifts – if you have a photo of the whole family or can get one off social media, there are tons of thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on everybody’s face.

Photo Calendar

Photo calendars are a great gift for families since they are something that everybody can use. Many families rely on using a calendar throughout the year to track events, appointments, and everything in between, and one that’s personal to them using family photos or photos of the kids is certainly going to be something that they will love and will take pride of place in their kitchen much more so than any generic calendar ever could. The best part is that photo calendars are often a very inexpensive gift idea for a family, but they have a whole lot of meaning and a useful purpose, too – what’s not to love? You can make a personalised calendar for a family in your life at Photobox UK. All you need to do is head to the website or download the app where you can choose from different calendar layouts, upload the photos, and create the calendar design. Along with calendars, you can also use Photobox to create even more photo gifts like canvas prints and photobooks.

Photo Mug Set

Mugs are something that every family is going to have in their kitchen cupboards. From dad’s favourite mug for his cup of tea to the mug mum drinks her coffee from in the morning, to mugs for the kids’ juice and hot chocolates, this is a useful gift option that you really can’t go wrong with. But the last thing that you want is to give somebody a pretty boring mug set. While there are plenty of fun, cute, interesting or funny mug designs to choose from, a photo mug is the ultimate option, giving a gift that is inexpensive but seriously personal to the recipient. A set of mugs with family photos on them is sure to be a gift that any family is going to love. You can even find heat changing mugs where the photo appears as the hot liquid is poured into the mug, for a great surprise.

Photo Jigsaws

Games, jigsaws, and other puzzles make great gift ideas for families with kids at Christmas since it gives them all something to do together while having fun during the Christmas holidays. If you’re thinking along these lines when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for the family that you have to buy for, then you can’t go wrong with a personalised jigsaw that everybody will love. All you need to do is head to your photo gift printing company of choice, choose the size of jigsaw that you want to give, and upload their favourite family photo for something for them to do that is a little bit different that they are sure to enjoy.

Photo Playing Cards

On the topic of fun and games for families, playing cards are a great gift idea since there are so many different games to play with them. To make this into an even more thoughtful gift, you can get playing cards that have a family photo printed on the back, rather than some generic design. If you know a family who love playing games together, this could be an ideal gift choice.

Photo Cushions

When it comes to getting useful gifts for the home, cushions are a great choice as this is an item that you can never have too many of. When you’re buying for a family, however, cushions can be tricky as most kids are probably going to find them really boring. However, this might change if you get cushions that are personalised with photos! Photo cushions can be a really fun way to display photos of the family in their home and you can make them with any photo that you like, in a range of different sizes. They can be displayed on the sofa as scatter cushions or even used as comfort items for kids who might love the idea of being able to give their mum or sibling a cuddle on a cushion.

Photo Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are great gift ideas for family since they are one of those small items that make a house feel like a home and they can often be a lot of fun for kids, who might enjoy making designs with them on the fridge or using them to hang up the artwork that they bring back from school. While many families get fridge magnets with funny quotes or as souvenirs from the places that they have visited together, there’s something special about being able to use fridge magnets to really capture memories with photos. If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive token gift to give to a family but want it to be meaningful and thoughtful at the same time, making a family photo into a fridge magnet can be a very underrated, appreciated idea.

Photo Placemats

Do you know a family who really value sitting down together to eat dinner at the table? If so, then they are probably going to love family photo placemats to use when they are enjoying their meals together. You can get matching placemat sets with a family photo and even go one step further and get photo coasters to match. Or, you might want to consider getting individual placemats for each family member with their favourite photo printed on it – it’s totally up to you.

Photo Albums

If you want to put together a more DIY personalised gift for a family or give them a gift that they will be able to personalise themselves, a photo album is a great choice. While most people today take photos and store them on their smartphones and other devices, the fact is that there is something special about storing physical photos in an album and many people print off their favourite ones to do just that. You can get general photo albums that they can use to store all their favourite photos or shop around for designs to cater to creating photo albums for certain events like a family holiday that they’ve been on, Christmas as a family and more.

Photo Mousemats

Most families have a computer at home and they’re going to need some accessories for it, like mousemats. Sure, a basic mousemat will do the job but if you want to give them something special and useful as a Christmas gift, then a photo mousemat is a great idea to consider. It’s simple, but also really effective and thoughtful.

Buying a gift for an entire family can be tricky, especially if there are different age ranges to consider. Personalised gifts are often ideal for family gifts as there are so many options available that everybody can use.