Best Social Media Platforms for Promotion in 2022

Promotion is to business what cheese is to lasagne; It provides it with more value and attraction. Promotion is all about looks and essence, it boosts products by informing and influencing people to check them out. It is important for all types of businesses especially smaller or newer enterprises. Sometimes a business can be innovative and interesting but still struggle with attracting customers, simply because not a lot of people know it even exists! That is why every business needs to work on promoting its services and products. There are different ways of upgrading your sales and recommending your services to people. Sometimes Promotions are made through direct engagements with customers, at times through public and personal relationships, and other times through announcements and partnerships. However, the best way of promoting remains through social media. As a business owner, you want your commerce to be well known by everyone. You want your name to be recognized by strangers, and your business to be praised and visited, and there’s no better way to do so than using social media. Nowadays, almost everyone is using social media, spending hours scrolling on their phones, messaging people, liking videos, sharing memes, etc. Social media is therefore the best way to make your business go viral. Today, we’ll be highlighting the best social media platforms for promotions in 2022.

1- TikTok:

Don’t make ads, make TikTok videos. Don’t spend money, just gain it. Don’t complicate your business, just talk about it. That is the premise of the number one social media on the internet. One might think of TikTok as a platform for lip-syncs, dances, and comedy stand-ups, but the truth is that TikTok is more than that; It has one billion monthly active users, and not all of them want to waste their time. The business opportunities on TikTok are huge, because of its reaching range and its possibility to engage with many audiences. Not only can you promote your work through your videos, but it also presents your business in a creative way that attracts more people and gets them intrigued to check out your products. You can use hashtags, trends, challenges, and live streams to introduce your business and invite people to buy more from you. It also features a Shopping category and editing tools to help you share your art with the entire world. Adding to this, you can check Earthweb to find out what tools you need for viral TikTok promotion. Considering the competition is greater than ever before, these tools are something you can take advantage of.

2- Instagram:

Swiping up from reels to stories, to checking hashtags and posts, Instagram is yet another platform that is quite popular among teens, Young Adults, and adults. Instagram offers you the attention and the hype of being known. Your business can be tagged by people who have tried your products and have been satisfied, and this will attract further followers. Instagram allows companies to provide visual content which is more likely to attract customers. Using short videos, stories, and well-taken photographs will certainly boost your account and invite more people to check out your business.

3- Facebook:

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform with the biggest percentage of users with over two billion active users per month. Its age range is wide and inclusive as it encompasses young teenagers from the age of twelve to old people whose ages exceed sixty-five years old. Facebook is a great tool to start promoting your business for it includes several features to reach as many people as possible. Not only does Facebook provide you with a digital advertisement system but it also allows you to share your product on the Marketplace where every Facebook user can check and react to it. Moreover, Facebook has made it possible for consumers to connect and reach out to you easily not only through messages but also by popping the advertisements of your company to people who have been looking up similar products.

4- Twitter:

Twitter is the instant gate to the real world; once you tweet about something, the entire world will see it. It’s a simple platform that does not have the privileges of videos, pictures, or stories like other platforms but instead boosts your creativity in creating a 280-character post allowing you to go straight to the point. Twitter is popular among celebrities, brands, and their followers. It is praised for its instant ability to respond and be connected to the entire world. Business promotion works on Twitter because the audience is engaged through the series of hashtags you’d be posting. The company can use trendy topics to relate to their advertisement campaign to interact with more consumers. Twitter allows you to promote your account too, and to check which topics are trendy to can direct you to the audience and niche you want to reach.

5- LinkedIn:

If you’re looking for a professional space to share your business, LinkedIn is the platform for you. Although its audience is smaller than Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn provides a wider floor and better engagement for businesses and companies as it offers more visibility and allows products to reach more interested people without having to pay for advertisements. Unlike other social media, this platform’s audience is more knowledgeable, more open to commercial exchange, and more business-minded. This would come in handy in case of a sponsorship opportunity or a digital advertising opportunity.

Social media is now becoming an essential part of a marketer’s business plan as consumers are constantly following social platforms in search of entertainment, brands, and business to interact with. A marketer’s job is to take advantage of those social media platforms to gain more followers or customers. Don’t forget that promoting on social media is the backbone of your business’s thriving process.