Birmingham Bar Launches UK’s first Mead Cocktail Menu

Birmingham bar The Vanguard situated above 1000 Trades, has launched the UK’s first mead based cocktail menu.

Samuel Boulton Co-Founder of the UK Mead Forum and Managing Director at The Vanguard said:

“We opened with the mind to bring Mead to the modern day, in the first year we introduced over 3000 people to mead, now we want to start showing the potential it has”.

The Vanguard which opened its doors in February 2018 became the first Cocktail Bar & Meadery in the UK and has gained a huge reputation for itself both locally and nationally.  

Last year they were finalists for Best Cocktail Bar in the Midlands Food and Drink Awards 2018, and have received nominations for 2019. In November last year they worked alongside the UK’s largest retailer of mead, The English Heritage Company, to create bespoke cocktails and helping to drive sales of the ancient beverage into consumers hands over the festive period.

Late 2018 the charity revealed it sells a bottle of Mead every 10 minutes as sales continue to grow on average by 10% each year.

Since the early 2000’s meads popularity has been rising, however, mead is the worlds oldest alcoholic beverages with connections dating back to the Vikings and Monks and as early as 7000BC.

Samuel Boulton Co-Founder of the UK Mead Forum and Managing Director at The Vanguard

“We’ve seen the younger generation really take to Mead, having been incorporating the drink into cocktails since we opened but, we never expected the popularity of those drinks to grow as they have. 50% of our best selling drinks in 2018 contained mead so we decided to launch 2019 with more of what our guests want”.

The menu which launched earlier this week is the brainchild of 3 of Birmingham’s best bartenders, Samuel Boulton, Luke Morgan and Niamh Neary.

Bassano Word

Lyme Bay Rhubarb Mead – Lemon Grappa – Pear Brandy

(Winner of the 2018 Battle of Bassano cocktail competition – Created by Samuel Boulton)

Spiced Gin & Honey

Lyme Bay Tournament Mead – Aged Gin – Clove – Demerara

The Bubble Fiend

Shire Mead – Blackberry – Violet – Raspberry – Grape Juice – Prosecco

Meada Colada

Lyme Bay Yore Mead – Kalani Coconut Rum – Pineapple

Heritage Espresso Martini

Heritage Mead – Coffee – Drambuie – Almond

The Pick n Mix

Gosnells Mead – Violette – Lime – Blood Tonic Cordial – Raspberry

Up The Garden PathMead District Mead – Lyme Bay Garden Mead – Chartreuse – Midori – Elderflower – Apple

Honey Yoghurt

Afon Mêl Heather Mead – Yogurt – Lemon – Cardamom

The Vanguard has boasted a great 2018 and are expected to be ones to watch for 2019. Located in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter The Vanguard is open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm or Saturday from 1pm where all drinks are now available.