Blood Red Shoes review by Wallis Brown

Blood Red Shoes are on tour celebrating their sixth album, ‘Ghosts on Tape’ and they showcased it for us in at The Rainbow in Birmingham. The sound of this alternative rock duo is right up my street and I was very eager to snap up the chance to go see them, when we were invited to review their performance.

The pair seem to have a very loyal and varied fan base, as the crowd was a mix of ages and styles, although there were many buying the T-shirts, so maybe some common fashion choices when it comes to taking home some of their favourite musicians merchandise.

As we waited for them to take to the stage, which I must say I was disappointed with, as were quite a few others who did leave early and I’m assuming this was due to the fact we were level with the performers. So there wasn’t really a chance of getting a glimpse of them rocking away, unless you were the front two rows or your head was touching the very low ceiling, which mine most definitely didn’t.

But in saying that, the room it’s self had a rustic modern feel, with a bar so you didn’t have to go in and out, maybe risking missing any songs while you went to get a drink, along with some amazing light shows on the go when they music was flowing. So in terms of the space it was perfect for the vibe but I just wish the stage was higher up for everyone to see.

The band did acknowledge this and made a bit of a light-hearted joke, a nice touch as I didn’t think about it a whole lot after and just took in the night as it was. Enjoying how much those around me loved the music and it wasn’t such a bother for them as long as they where there, in the same room as Blood Red Shoes and hearing them live. True fans!

Their music is absolutely incredible and I assume from the manic fans at the front they had an amazing stage presence. This is also why just hearing them play in the same space as you is enough to make you want to experience them play all over again.

A fair few of their songs sent a pulse through the crowd, from the euphonious vocals paired with the mesmerising sound of instruments that gave the beat and rhythm that drove us into many different states of dancing.

obviously I was right next to an extremely agile dancer and dodged many potential elbows to the head from him, which I don’t mind at all as I love the energy that comes from the people around me. No one wants to be in a room full of statues when at a gig and I most definitely wasn’t at this one.

Blood Red Shoes dedicated a song to their support band CIEL, another musical group from Brighton just like themselves. Giving me yet another band I have to see again and I might just get to chance to, as CIEL are hopefully back to perform for us brummies the end of this year.

The night was filled with dancing, outstanding music and laughter, so I can’t fault Blood Red Shoes in anyway because these talented musicians ticked all the boxes most of us need for a gig and good night out. I only wish I had the photos to go with it, maybe at the next show when I’m front and centre and not only feeling their energy but seeing it first hand too!

Words and Photos by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham (