Brand new metal venue and bar opening in Digbeth

A new independent hardcore metal venue is coming to Digbeth this February. Devil’s Dog will be opening its doors on Adderley Street on Friday 24th February – and will be one of the UK’s only dedicated hardcore venues – in the city that gave the world Heavy Metal. It will showcase a fantastic selection of national and local talent with a particular emphasis on heavier and more fierce genres, offering a new – and needed – experience on the local music scene.

Birmingham is the home of heavy metal, and Devil’s Dog will acknowledge that history and build on the legacy of famous clubs like Eddie’s and XLs. Added to that – it’s just down the road from The Mermaid pub in Sparkhill – where Grindcore was born. Here’s what Asad, Director at Devil’s Dog, had to say:

“Birmingham is the city that gave us heavy metal, and later became the birthplace of industrial metal and grindcore. We are so proud of our history, and the cultural impact of bands like Judas Priest, Napalm Death and Godflesh, and we want to build on that legacy, and bring it into the 21st Century. Metal is ever-evolving, and we want to broadcast that fact.”

The 300 capacity venue has already got some incredible shows lined up with local promoters such as Surprise You’re Dead bringing in well-known names and new local talent. Exciting tour shows are also being announced. These include Danish band Siamese on their 2023 UK tour, and Resolve, a metal band based in Lyon, France.

As well as being the home for all things heavy, Devil’s Dog will provide an immersive experience. The conceptual venue is themed around a post-apocalyptic future. In this dystopian age, a self-replicating computer virus has given rise to Artificial General Intelligence which has taken over the world. The Devils of the future are hyper-intelligent machines , and their figurehead, the “Devil’s Dog”, patrols the globe, encouraging all things metal. In this future world you’ll still be able to get some of the best beers and ales from Wychwood Brewery, the official beer of Bloodstock.

The team at Devil’s Dog have placed a clear emphasis on inclusivity, and want to celebrate the diversity seen in the genre. They are also ensuring that it will be a safe space for all metal fans, and have policies in place to make sure everyone feels comfortable and supported. The venue will cater to those looking for “a late-night bar and hangout space… or for those just popping in for a pint and a bite to eat with the most savage soundtrack possible.”

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new venue, there is a free-entry public launch on Friday 24th February, with Oceans ate Alaska and A Titan and A Deity performing live.

You can find Devil’s Dog at 148 Adderley Street, Deritend, B9 4ED, opposite the Dead Wax pub.