What is the volatility of football odds?

For any match, any type of bet, the football odds are changed by the house from time to time, whether it is more or less. The fluctuation in the odds is a good sign for players to rely on to predict the easy winning bets, thereby making their own profits. However, to do that proficiently, you need time to learn. In order to help players quickly grasp this skill, the betting guide on Bet22 will show a few easy-to-understand methods.

What is the volatility of football odds?

Before you can understand the method of identifying good odds through the fluctuation of the odds, you need to understand its concept. In the most succinct way, in football betting, there will always be different predictions, statistics, and analyses from experts, thereby forming the betting odds table. And the variation of numbers on this table creates volatility in football odds.

The secret to recognizing good bets through volatility

The secret lies in taking note and monitoring the odds on the match you choose for at least one day. If the odds do not change much until the match takes place, it shows the consistency of the house experts’ analysis and evaluation. At this point, when you have decided to drop money, you should choose the upper door because the upper door is anyway the higher rated team, through which the winning rate is also higher.

On the contrary, if it is the case that the odds change before the match takes place and again in the direction of the handicap, the handicap is less, for example, from 1.0 to 0.5. At this point, you need to pay for the lower door because the volatility above shows that there is an error in assessing the strength of the upper door or that the team that is rated higher has encountered an unexpected problem.

  • In addition, in case the two teams have different levels, but before about 1 to 2 hours, the football odds of that match fluctuate in the direction of the team that has a very low handicap, only from 0.25 to 1.0, then usually choose the best team. below will win.
  • In addition, if the odds indicate initially that there is a low handicap of around 0.25 to 0.5 but then gradually decrease to zero when the game starts and the bonus increases again, then it is most likely a good bet. Drop money for the team that was initially rated as the bottom door. At this point, your win rate is very high.

Finally, in the case where team A is stronger than team B but has a handicap for team B, then it is definitely a scam. At this point, you absolutely should not put money down for any team because the risk is very large because it cannot be analyzed objectively. The odds of this football match are highly likely to fluctuate about two hours before it happens in an unpredictable direction. So if you still want to play, it is best to put money down at the time of the match.

The above tips are not many and cannot be applied in all cases. But we hopefully still help players increase their winning rate.