Brum Radio launch their brand new Book Club Show this Friday!

Brum Radio launch their brand new Book Club Show this Friday at 1pm! Each month, the Brum radio book show will discuss our book of the month, and we want your opinions. Tweet or email with your views on the book, and take part in the conversation.

The show is hosted by successful Birmingham author Mike Gayle, along with book obsessive Blake Woodham, and they will be talking about all things literary, both within the region and beyond.

We’ll have author interviews, news of upcoming book-related events, and anything else that grabs our interest.

Our first book is Number 11 by Jonathan Coe.  A series of interconnected stories about the state of Britain today, taking in reality TV, austerity, social media and war, it is bitterly funny and thought provoking.

We are very excited that Jonathan Coe came to the studio and was interviewed for the show, giving us some great insights into the book which we think readers will find fascinating.

We’ve also got a tie-in with Waterstones Birmingham, if you buy Number 11 from there and say “Brum Radio” at the till, you’ll get £6 off the rrp.

During the show use the hash tag #BrumBooks on twitter to get involved!

The first show is on Friday 29th January at 1pm on

So get reading, and let us know what you think on @brumradio_books

For more info about the launch, the book club show, our schedule and more head over to