Cheap backyard makeover ideas you’ll love

Since the world went into lockdown, homeowners had plenty of time in their hands to do some renovations indoor and outdoor. With summer coming in, it’s now the perfect time to redesign your backyard. Not only that it adds value to your house, it also a therapeutic activity that helps you get through this difficult time. Here is a list of cheap yet effective backyard makeover ideas that you can have implemented in your backyard. 

Stone path creation

Having a stone path created in your backyard can be one of the most idealistic things to do that is cheap. You would give your backyard a decent makeover without having to spend too much money at all. You can choose the type, color and shape of the stones according to your preference. 


Make your own fountain

Having a fountain installed can be considered an expensive idea only if you go for a brand and purchase a fountain set. You can actually make your own with raw materials and look up a few tutorials online. Also, you don’t have to keep the water running all the time. To be economical, you can opt to turn it on when you are having activities around to add some ambience.


Dinner place with lighting

Although it may sound old, it has never been out of fashion. An outdoor dining place can be a good thought with some lighting to spice up the mood for a nice dinner around lights or candle lights that you can enjoy in the evenings.  You can install astroturf as it provides a smooth surface and it’s very easy to clean in case of food scraps and stains.

Installing a fire pit

Having a fire pit installed in your backyard is not going to cost you much if you choose the DIY options. You can have it set up in no time at all and have a lovely fireplace where you can spend time in the evening along with your family.