Chicks Dig Jerks Party review by Lee Endres

Chicks Dig Jerks radio show have outdone themselves with tonight’s line up. The Christmas party is to celebrate that they have a new show on, and also obviously to host some of the best local talent.

The first act tonight will be Simon Gregory (Midnight Bonfires), perhaps the perfect start for what promises to be an exciting night with a wide selection of musical genres. Simon begins with a gentle, drawn out introduction, that builds effortlessly. It’s easy to see that one of the prominent influences would be Jeff Buckley, and perhaps the likes of Nick Drake.

The directness of the lyrics and the believable performance has the audience at a stop. The pace is very slow, retrospective and also really perfect for a Sunday hangover. I’m genuinely interested what Simon will sound like once he had his band backing him.

Next on are Midlands based Inkerman. The atmosphere is drastically changed, and they roll through a first song called Hope. The first thing you might notice about this band is the chemistry. All band members are singing (even without a microphone) and seem very involved in the music.

The songs sound very diverse in styles, at some point you are reminded of Arcade Fire and other times even music like early Radiohead. The general feel is quite anthemic and powerful. The energy maintains throughout the set and it’s also very surprising this is only the bands third show!

Jump The Shark are next on. At this point we are all reminded how much talent these guys have. An incredibly tight performance, the professionalism of the band is so impressive. That’s not to say they aren’t having fun. The heavier parts of the set are aptly highlighted, and also demonstrates the bands vast dynamic range. The set is lovingly finished with Robot Song and leave the stage with a sense of victory.

Last on tonight we have Meme Detroit. They waste no time for introductions and get straight into the first song. A grunge feel now takes over the night, and people start feeling a little more comfortable to dance and move right towards the front. The songs are so catchy and have the loyal fans singing along. Yet another time in the night its so easy to see the band enjoying the music as much as the audience. Latest single A Point of You is played mid set, this song raises the roof and gives reason to why Meme Detroit makes music.

Review by Lee Endres for Grapevine Birmingham

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