CitySocializer invites Birmingham locals to Afternoon at the Races virtual Zoom event

Afternoon at the Races hosted on Zoom on the site CitySocializer, and just £3 to attend, is perfect for those of us who aren’t ready to go outside yet and attend a real-life horse racing event. 

And with Ascot not taking place next week due to the pandemic (planned for 16th-20th June), this is ideal for both horse racing fanatics as well as those who know nothing about horses and are up for a real laugh (you need zero horse knowledge to win!)

The event is based on the bonkers ‘Japan World Cup‘ where people place bets on the outcome of a madcap race involving computer-generated horses, zebras etc.

Afternoon at the Races is a regular weekly hosted social event where people are encouraged to bring a flute of fizz, put on a hat and their best Ascot-worthy outfits and cheer on their horse as loudly as possible.

As host Chrissy Hadfield, 36, from South West London explains:

This is one of the most fun Zoom events I host on CitySocializer and it often attracts up to 40 people. There are 8 races; you pick a horse to bet on, no money needs to be put down if you prefer, and then watch the clip and see whether your horse dances, races off or maybe turns into a zebra. It’s about having a reason to get dressed up, getting out of your usual pattern and having a laugh in the process.

(Attached images are – a screenshot of the virtual event, various ‘racegoers’ dressed up in their Ascot finest gear, and full length shot of Chrissy Hadfield, the event’s host).

About CitySocializer:

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