Cleaning London

Cleaning service in London is offered by a huge number of companies and agencies, each of which strives to overtake competitors in terms of price and quality. However, despite the dynamically developing industry, there are not many companies in the market that will attach online booking services. It is about a company, called eMop, which is described in detail below.

What advantages do we have over competitors?

We have been offering cleaning London services for years now and most of our customers note our following advantages when compared to competing agencies offering similar services:

·         According to many reputable rating agencies, our company occupies one of the leading positions in the cleaning market in London.

·         We accept orders from our customers online, 24/7.

·         Customers can take advantage of the nightly flexible payment system and independently offer the most convenient settlement scheme.

·         The cost of our services starts from £15 per hour, which is lower than many of our competitors.

·         During cleaning, we use only professional equipment, as well as environmentally friendly detergents and premium-class reagents from world-famous manufacturers.

Our regular customers, to whom we provide regular cleaning services, leave only positive feedback about us, noting our high level of professional skills, and flexible approach, as well as the highest quality of the result.

How to place an order on the eMop website?

We have designed our website in such a way that even a person without PC skills can understand its interface. To work with our company, the owner of the premises needs to follow a few simple instructions, such as:

·         Go to the website of our company in a browser, or in a mobile application specially designed for owners of smartphones and tablets.

·         On the main page of the website, follow the link for booking a cleaning service.

·         In the new window, you need to fill in all the columns of the interactive registration form, and specify personal and contact information to create a profile in the system.

·         Next, the user specifies the detailed address of his object, with a postal code and room number.

·         From the list of premises offered by the system, you need to select an object of your category.

·         Next, you will also need to select one or more cleaning services that need to be performed at the facility from the drop-down menu.

·         Upon completion of the application, the customer will need to indicate the desired date and time for the provision of the service, then press the submit button, and your request will be transferred to our system.

Our specialists instantly receive a notification of your application and promptly process it to go to the site and carry out regular or general cleaning just in time.

How is payment for services made in our company?

We offer some of the most flexible payment terms for our cleaning services. First of all, customers do not have to transfer us an advance payment, since we perform all work without prepayment. When ordering a one-time cleaning service for your premises, you only need to fill out an application, and, upon completion of the work, our specialist will calculate the number of hours spent and then issue an invoice.

For regular customers, both owners of apartments or houses, and for legal entities, we offer a long-term contract, which specifies any comfortable payment terms chosen by the customer, who can pay when he can.

How do I manage my booking on our cleaning company website?

As soon as the customer registers his application, he can start tracking it in real-time. Each request from a customer is automatically sent to all cleaners registered in the system, who, in turn, can quickly respond to it.

When choosing a contractor, the customer receives a return notification, which indicates the approval of the request, after which it remains only to wait for the cleaning date specified in the order. In addition, each customer registers in the system and receives his account there, where he can track the online progress of the order without waiting for the notification of the system.

What facilities do we serve?

We carry out our cleaning works on a turnkey basis and serve the following categories of real estate objects of various functional purposes:

·         Residential apartments with any set of rooms and technical premises.

·         Private houses, villas, mansions, and building complexes at the customer’s site.

·         Office premises at business centers, or located in separate buildings.

·         Separate rooms in residential or public premises – living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, study rooms in offices, children’s, and other exploited spaces.

·         Bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms, and other functional areas with high humidity.

·         Kitchens in apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, and other real estate objects.

·         Premises intended for shared use by all residents of an apartment building – foyers, lobbies, porches, elevator platforms, stairs, and other spaces.

What services are included in our catalog?

For all the above categories of real estate, we perform the following types of turnkey work:

·         Dry cleaning of premises of any complexity and area.

·         Wet cleaning of exploited spaces using the best detergents.

·         Dry cleaning, wet cleaning of carpets, and other soft pile floor coverings.

·         Dedusting furniture, niches in walls, decorative planning elements, treating them with antistatic agents.

·         Washing windows, glazing balconies, stained-glass windows in shops and exhibition centers, showcases, as well as other glass surfaces and mirrors of any size.

·         Wiping any polished or matte surfaces using a special paste for professionals.

·         Putting things in order in the closet, wiping the interior of any piece of furniture.

·         Sedum from dust, dirt, and grease of any type of household appliances or home electronics.

·         Cleaning of doors, handles, hinges, and locks, restoration of decorative coating on metal elements.

·         Gentle dry and wet cleaning of all types of lighting fixtures, spotlights, and LED strips.

·         Upon completion of the work, we always clean up after ourselves and take out all the accumulated garbage.

The above list is not all of our services that are listed in the catalog when applying for cleaning your premises. You can contact our company today, go through a simple registration, and we will come to you to carry out all types of cleaning within 4 hours since this is the minimum order period. We work both for cash and non-cash payments, and we also guarantee you excellent results for any type of work.