Examples of the Patch Types You Can Get Easily Online

In this world of abundant options, you can choose from many types of patches. They are a great way to show off your personality and add style to your outfit. You can get them in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they can be sewn onto clothing or jackets. They come in various colours and designs, so there is something for everyone! If you are also one of those, who love to customize patches, visit 4incustompatch

Moreover, Here is a list of the different types of patches available that you can get easily online:

Embroidered Patch

Embroidery is when you use thread to create a design on something. This can be done by hand or machine, often used to add a personal touch to clothing and other items. For example, you could use embroidery to add your name or initials onto your shirt, bag, or hat.

Embroidered patches are popular because they’re easy to make using machines that can sew in straight lines very quickly—though there is some manual labour involved since you need someone with good eyesight who can draw what needs to be sewn with precision.

Iron on Patch

Iron-on patches are the easiest type of patch to apply and are available in many different styles and sizes. You can iron them onto fabric using an iron, although you may need to use a pressing cloth if the patch has a shiny surface (like embroidered patches). Iron-on patches are also known as sew-on patches because you can sew them onto fabrics by hand or machine. They’re often used for clothing but can also be applied to other materials!

Leather Patch

Leather patches are a great choice for people who like to get outdoors and enjoy the elements. They are durable, so your leather patch will last as long as you need it, and they’re also easy to sew onto clothing. The only downside is that they’re not cheap, but if you want something to last, paying extra money is worth it!

Applique Patch

Applique patches are a great option for embroidered designs that must be applied to the garment. They are easy to apply and can be done in less than half an hour by following a few simple steps. Once you have your appliqué patch, you first need to cut out the design from the backing paper with scissors before ironing it onto your garment with a pressing cloth. After this, all you have left is to remove the paper backing and enjoy your new look!

Many different types of applique patches are available online at low prices, such as iron-on patches, sew-on patches and stick-on labels, which we will discuss below!


The variety of patch types is huge; you can find anything from embroidered to woven patches. The choice depends on your needs and preferences. If the item you want to apply it to is made of leather, choose a leather patch; if it’s made of plastic, go for PVC or rubber patches. If you want something more subtle, get iron on the patch, but if your shirt has no fabric backing, then applique will do just fine!