Conference Aston hosts Alzheimer’s Research UK charity networking event

Researchers into Alzheimer’s came together at Birmingham’s leading residential events venue, Conference Aston, for an event that was three years in the making.

Dementia affects millions of people’s lives throughout the country and the work that was done to help people living with the condition and how the risks of it can be reduced were highlighted by experts during the Alzheimer’s Research UK Midlands Network Centre Public Event.

Conference Aston hosted and sponsored the event, the first time that experts, fundraisers and supporters had come together since the Covid-19 pandemic began, as Alzheimer’s Research UK is the chosen charity of the year for the venue since 2019.

The Conference Aston team were only too happy to get involved and support the whole event, which included patisserie chef, Aleksandra Grzelak, making a brain cake for the guests.

Networking, workshops, presentations, demonstrations and research updates were provided to guests, which included Midlands-based fundraisers. A dementia bus was also present on-site, which is a mobile vehicle which guests could visit and be given an insight into what it is like living with the condition.

Dr Eric Hill from Loughborough University and Joint Network Coordinator, said: “The Midlands Network Centre Public Event was a chance to bring people together to talk to Alzheimer’s researchers from across the Midlands region. 

“We do a lot of research in the Network, investigating how to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by getting people to change their diet or to increase the amount of exercise they do. It is important for people to understand how lifestyle interventions can reduce their risk and get that message out there.

“Conference Aston has been amazing in supporting us for a number of years and now with Alzheimer’s Research UK being their charity of the year means that they’ve held various funding events, meetings and sessions for local fundraisers. 

“Having a venue that we can use that is local to the Birmingham area that’s easy to get to has been amazing for us – especially to bring people on to the campus to hear all about our work and the exciting research that is taking place.”

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity, dedicated to causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. The Midlands Network Centre unites dementia researchers across the Universities of Aston, Birmingham, Warwick, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, Derby, De Montfort, Keele and Nottingham Trent.

Samantha Brown, Head of Conference Aston, said: “The work that Alzheimer’s Research UK does is incredibly important and we were more than happy to donate our conference and meeting facilities, and support in whatever way we can for such an important charity and cause.

“All of the Conference Aston team were only too happy to support the charity and help with the day as some of our employees have family members or friends who are affected by Alzheimer’s.

“We have been working with Alzheimer’s Research UK for a number of years and we are so pleased to be working with them to help bring about change with the research and raise vital funds for everyone affected by the condition.”