Conversations IN Society Podcast Launch Exploring Racism, Culture and more

IN.Society, a racial justice organisation, launched a podcast called “Conversations IN.Society, to explore and educate on UK politics, economics, current affairs and racial justice whilst bringing actionable steps to support the racial liberation movement. Conversations IN.Society will also feature policy-makers and business leadership figures to converse and address the views & questions of their growing IN.Society community. 

Co-Founder, Daneille Guthrie added,  

Racism is not taken seriously enough in British society. We want to amplify and showcase perspectives from people and organisations on the ground, and overlooked voices by popular news and media institutions. We are creating this space for marginalised ethnic communities to be heard, and to showcase how racism impacts on everyday lives. 

The first episode, ‘Is the UK becoming a police state?’ features Political Activist, Femi Oluwole, touching on the upcoming Mayoral & Police Crime Commissioner Elections on 6th May, highlighting valuable information on how UK voting systems work, and how the Policing Bill impacts on the future of activism. Tune in before 6th May 2021 as they explored the candidates for the West Midlands Mayor and PCC in their second episode! 

Co-Founder, Geeta Lal added, 

“With a passion for racial liberation, we want anti-racism, culture, politics and economics to be a talking point in every neighbourhood and household. We aim to normalise these topics so that we can continue to grow together in society, whether that be via generational wealth, holding politicians accountable or decolonising our everyday habits.” 

The podcast aims to engage with young marginalised ethnicities by: 

  • Highlighting the news in a more accessible way 
  • Bringing more representations to showcase role models in a variety of industries 
  • Enhance generational wealth and combat political disenfranchisement 

You can listen to Conversations IN.Society on SpotifyAmazon Music and other popular platforms or watch on their YouTube Channel

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