Coronavirus: How to Exercise While Staying at Home

As we all know, coronavirus basically pronounced our beloved gyms forbined. Indeed, gyms might not be the cleanest and well-ventilated spaces, so it makes sense that they are especially good for spreading germs. But, just because gyms are not available to us right now and we should all #stayhome, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay active. Here’s how to get your daily dose of sweat while staying home.

Follow a celebrity Instagram workout

Celebrities are just like us—quarantined in their homes. While some of them have home gyms, many of them are just resorting to regular home workouts. Recently, many stars like Nicole Scherzinger and Ashley Tisdale shared not only some great inspiration in these trying times but also helpful workout routines that are easy to follow from home. So every day, tune into Instagram and look for Insta Lives or stories that offer some useful ideas and you might end up looking super hot like Hollywood stars once this is all over.  

Try yoga

Yoga is an amazing workout that can keep your muscles lean, your core strong and your spine healthy. Since you can’t go out and do much other than sit on the couch, flexibility and stretching exercises will feel amazing. Choose one of many online yoga videos and start your routine today. Another benefit of yoga is that it’s great for mental health. It helps with relaxation and mindfulness, which will reduce stress and anxiety connected to this virus. Try practicing light routines every morning and you’ll feel amazing! Top off every yoga routine with a smudging session. Smudging helps to dispel negativities, invite positive vibes, and relax you further. You can spend a few minutes a day smudging to relieve daily stress.

Give your stationary bike a shot

While some people love hardcore spin classes, many of us dread them and for all the right reasons—they are soooo hard! But, now that we’re trapped inside and craving activity, that old stationary bike you have in your basement is starting to look very attractive. If you’re itching for a ride, check out Peloton’s app. The company extended their free trial during the covid-19 pandemics, so you can try out their spin videos, but also enjoy other workouts like yoga, strength training, boot camps and other. Just make sure to stay hydrated, since spin classes can be very demanding. To replenish fluids you lose, make sure to have some tasty and healthy electrolyte drinks at hand. These will not only keep you rehydrated, but also create a good mineral balance in your body that will keep you strong and healthy.  

Start a 30-day challenge

These are great for building both muscle and character, so why not give them a try? Today you can find so many amazing workout challenges no matter what you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s losing weight, maintaining weight, building muscle or just staying active. Most require minimal to zero special equipment, maybe a chair, some free weights (water bottles will do) and towels—essentially, everything we all have at home. Pick your best challenge and see whether you can push it until the end. 

Dance your heart out

You know what they say: Dance like no one’s watching. Well, these days, there’s a huge chance that really no one is watching. While you’re practicing social distancing, feel free to turn up the music and dance like a maniac! Play some upbeat tunes and jump, gyrate your hips, kick your feet and flail your arms. It might not look like a cohesive workout, but dancing is a great cardio activity that will not only make you sweaty and out of breath, but also boost the production of happiness hormones and make you forget all the horrible things happening right now. 

See, nothing can keep you away from your daily activity, not even a global virus! Create your home workout schedule, keep it interesting with these ideas and you’ll look better than ever when you get out of the quarantine.