Creative Accommodation Ideas For Those looking To Save And Have Fun In Birmingham

Birmingham is a vibrant and dynamic city situated in the heart of the UK, and as such it’s no surprise that many people choose to live here.

However, the region’s housing shortage, expensive rents and other issues can cause problems for those looking for a safe place to call home in the city.

As such, we’ve put together a list of some of the alternative ways you can put a roof over your head and still enjoy everything that Birmingham has to offer.

A Narrow Boat

Birmingham has three rivers running through it; the River Cole, the River Tame and the River Rea. For the most part, boats sit on the city’s canals and marinas, enjoying the opportunity to traverse Birmingham as they like. If you’re interested in making a boat your home, Boats For Sale offer Narrow Boats, so you can find the perfect vessel to suit you.

A Caravan

Living in a caravan might seem a little uncouth, but today’s vehicles come with all the modern comforts and can easily be hooked up to water and electricity, meaning that they’re basically a home on wheels. There are several caravan parks throughout Birmingham and the surrounding area, meaning that you can find somewhere with the amenities you’re looking for.

A Van

Similar to a caravan but more personal and unique, you can easily convert a van into a small home on wheels. You’ll be able to craft your own unique space that suits your exact specifications. Using space saving techniques, such as folding shelves, you can easily transform even a small van into a bijou home that you can take with you wherever you choose to travel, be it in Birmingham or further afield.

A Shipping Container

With a lack of affordable homes prevalent throughout the UK, many individuals and housing authorities are turning to shipping containers as a cost-effective solution. These durable containers can be turned into micro-homes that hold everything you need to live a happy life. All you need is to find some land to place your container on and you can quickly transform it into a home you’ll be proud of, or you can buy one that has already been turned into an abode.

A Tiny House

Similar to a converted shipping container, a tiny house is a specially built space designed to house an individual in limited space. They’re created to look like traditional houses, just scaled down. Again, all you need is the land to put your tiny house on and you can quickly set yourself up in an area in or around Birmingham. Don’t discount the suburbs and surrounding villages; they might be small, but there are strong transport links to the city centre, meaning that you can easily travel to and from your new tiny home.

Shared Housing

If you aren’t concerned about living with strangers, you could rent a room in a shared house. There are houses of multiple occupancy throughout Birmingham, meaning that you can easily live in a desirable part of the city for less. It might be a challenge to settle in, but once you get to know everyone, you’ll find that, for the most part, living in shared accommodation and finding awesome hotels in Birmingham is not much different to living alone, except that it’s much more sociable and enjoyable.

Become A Long-Term House Sitter

In today’s travel-focused, flexible world, many homeowners spend a significant part of the year away from home, and as such they work with house sitters who take care of their property and any pets in return for a free place to stay. This is an innovative way to save money without compromising on the quality of your accommodation.

A Studio Flat

Smaller than a traditional flat, a studio is usually made up of just two rooms, the larger of which serves as bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room all in one. The smaller room is usually a bathroom. These quaint properties are popular in Birmingham, as they’re great for those who don’t intend to spend a lot of time in their home but need a permanent base to store their belongings and rest their head at night. If you’re on your own and don’t need much space, consider renting a studio flat to give you a safe place to spend the night after a long day spent enjoying the delights of Birmingham.

Be A Property Guardian

Property guardians live in historical buildings that are owned by companies who are unable or unwilling to put them to another use but don’t want them to fall into disrepair. For a significantly reduced cost, you’ll be able to rent space in an incredible property. There are a number of opportunities to become a property guardian in and around Birmingham, meaning you’ll be able to learn about some of the city’s rich history and stunning architecture as you enjoy spending time here.