Didier Soulier’s New Birmingham Skyline Movie

Here’s another great skyline video shoot of Birmingham by local innovator Didier Soulier.

Not your everyday French man, Didier is extremely passionate about his newly adopted city and take great enjoyment from creating these awe inspiring fly-by video shoots.

Comment from Didier

The video was made with DJI quadrocopter (Drone or) with HD (1080p) Sony video camera. The camera feeds back a video link to a monitor screen so I can see what the UAS (unmanned aircraft system) sees when airborne.


Permission of land owners and BNUC-S (unmanned aircraft licensed) qualification has been obtained. Most of the shoots were done during the early hours and when wind was at a minimum.


Although the drone can reach 1200feet, with our currant license, the BNUC-S allows us to reach 400 feet maximum. The piloting of the drone requires hours of practice and concentration while operating which is sometimes an issue when people try to talk to you while you flying.


I want to show how cool Birmingham really is as I’m proud to be living here since 2001. I think Birmingham should be used more for filming productions because we have some really great locations here.


We were commissioned by Mecanoo (New Library architect firm) to do filming inside (before the opening) and on the open day. (some clips were in the video) We (me and my brother Laurent) have won awards in our home country France for our video works and we are constantly trying to get the impossible shoot.


We love what we do and drone technology has given us possibilities which we did not have before. Since the video has been live, response has been fantastic via twitter and facebook, e.g the Millennium Point will showcase the video on their big screens on a loop, and Connect Church is to show our video on Broadstreet cinema’s second largest screen next month.


Aston Villa fans are dissapointed that their football ground was not included, Aston Villa PR did not get in touch for permission to film, but I hope this will be included in part 3. We can’t wait to start working on the next one.

*The French Video productions Award is T.A.M.E.R. And the music used in the video is from Birmingham Local Band Casino.