Digbeth First Friday – 2 August 2019 6pm until late

This August, get out and about, discover something new and enjoy the fantastic independent culture Digbeth has to offer!

On offer this month:

Centrala: Przemek Branas “I is somebody else” exhibition late opening + electronic sets by Soft Issues// Ryosuke Kiyasu // Harpoon // Blackcloudsummoner, 6–8.30pm (exhibition) / 8.30pm – 12.30PM – electronic sets

For August Digbeth First Friday Centrala will present the late-night opening of Przemek Branas ‘I is somebody else’, later experimental electronic sets from 8.30pm by Soft Issues, Ryosuke Kiyasu, Harpoon, and Blackcloudsummoner. Exhibition free/ Gig £5 on the door.

Centrala: Two Truths and a Lie – De’Anne Crooks, 6–8pm

Two Truths and a Lie is the highly anticipated 10-day solo exhibition of visual art by De’Anne Crooks. Born in Birmingham, De’Anne addresses a much-needed conversation about the Black-British experience whilst hoping to revolutionize the way in which we perceive contemporary visual art in urban settings. Aiming to educate and re-educate, De’Anne uses visual art methods to explore the truth about race, the truth about mental health and challenge a corporate lie regarding identity. This event includes a series of art and illustration workshops; which invites people to come and create art in the name of mental health awareness.

Eastside Projects Syllabus IV Presents, 6–8pm

As part of their final gathering Syllabus IV – Scott Caruth, Libita Clayton, Jessica Coleman, Bettina Fung, Laura Hindmarsh, Beth Kettel, David Lisser, Alicja Rogalska, Kirsty Russell and Abigail Sidebotham – take over the gallery for one Digbeth First Friday night only.

Syllabus is a collaboratively produced alternative learning programme that supports ten artists across ten months. It is now in its fourth year and is delivered by Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, Iniva, S1 Artspace, Spike Island and Studio Voltaire.

Grand Union: Summer Studio Sale, 6–8pm

Join us in Grand Union gallery for a summer studio sale. Coinciding with the August edition of Digbeth First Friday, studio holders will be selling editions, ceramics, prints, books, sculptures and more! We will also be joined by Feminists Work For Change who will be selling FWFC merch – t-shirts, totes and brooches, all funds raised will go to Baobab Women’s Project. We will also be selling TRAINEDONVEDA, a malted loaf bread and evolving artwork by Laura Wilson.

Grand Union – Junction Works: 55 Gallon BBQ, Blue Curry, 6–8pm

Artist Blue Curry presents his all-in-one barbecue and steel pan drum ensemble which fuses cliches of the Caribbean into a single transformative moment. For the evening it will be played by local percussionists, Calvert Lawson and Sharon Walcott, while an assortment of cassava, yam, taro, eddo, sweet potato, breadfruit, plantain and tania cooked up on the grill will be served. BBQ will be served all evening, music throughout (Pay how you feel)

Shop 20 Custard Factory: Graffiti artist.com//Fever Dream//Babs collective: Vandalise our shit, 6–10pm

Sticker event – 6-10pm event where local BHX sticker artists and the public can come down to a local independent venue and buy/create their own stickers to throw up onto a few MDF boards to create unique pieces of art and celebrate the growing Birmingham sticker bombing scene. Hosted by Fever Dream and Babs collective the event plans to bring together local sticker artists and the public alike to celebrate the growing sticker bombing community, get involved and create their own pieces to make unique pieces of work and grow a scene. Involves a DJ and free drinks. Meet people, make art, finally enjoy life again.

Recent Activity: Nebelmeer – A new solo exhibition by Victor Seaward, 6–8pm

Recent Activity present an exhibition of new work by Victor Seaward.

Stryx: Pittu Garam, 6–9pm

The first collaborative show between artists; Rupi Dhillon and Fred Hubble, titled Pittu Garam the show reflects on a performance made in Aarhus, Denmark. The show will include a participatory artwork that will invite viewers to play Pittu, a game played by children in South Asia. The exhibition seeks to investigate the notion of cultural gifting, difference, multiplicitous relationships, consent and understanding. The night will also be the launch of a joint publication, translations of stories of play from writers of different cultures, as well as an evening of Indian sweets. There will be two performances on the evening commencing at 7 and 8pm.

Vivid Projects: Emily Roderick & Emily Warner – exxxtteeenssioon, 7–9pm

Coming together to disrupt each other’s practice, Emily Roderick and Emily Warner present new collaborative work that translates and tangles their artistic processes. Pointing their interests toward physical adaption and digital dysfunction, Emily and Emily performatively explore the capacity of their attention and the reductive structures that frame understanding. Enter the arena for double distraction, agitated scrolling and orange overwhelm, by the artist tandem who can’t quite finish what they start. Following hobby-horse enthusiasts and quick-release dog collars comes an evening of performance that extends this new body of knowledge.