International Mead Day 3rd August

Try mead for £1 this International Mead Day!Hidden inside Birminghams Jewellery Quarter is one of the UK’s leading cocktail bars, The Vanguard. Nestled above established craft beer and natural wine bar 1000 Trades, the Vanguard has become very well known for their specialist knowledge of alcohol, specifically on a unique honey alcohol the Vanguard is known for, Mead.

The Vanguard in November 2019 reached national press as owner Samuel Boulton worked along side the English Heritage Company to raise awareness of mead. Boulton said “after 2018 we realised just how many people are wanted to try mead, we devoted 2019 to getting mead to more people”. Since this decision the Vanguard have launched their own mead brand The Modern Mead Co in hopes to “bring mead to the entire UK” Boulton said.

For those who don’t know mead is a honey alcohol which was popularised by the vikings around 850AD. Now mead is a very popular topic with The English Heritage Company claiming to have sold over 52,000 bottles in 2018!With International Mead Day on 3rd August coming up, the Vanguard are offering mead to the masses at a staggering £1 per glass! The offer will run over the 2/3rd of August.

Both the Vanguard’s home brand The Modern Mead Co and a selection of other meads will be available for only £1 a serving. Mead can be easily enjoyed slightly chilled on its own or as a long drink with ginger ale. However the team over at The Vanguard are fans of cocktails! Created by Chelsi Abbott-Pace the Meadmosa is an easy cocktail you can make at home; Simple mix together in a wine glass:2 Parts The Modern Mead Co – Original English Mead 2 Parts Sparkling Wine1 Part Fresh Orange JuiceThe Meadmosa which is already featured on the Vanguards menu will also be available at a reduced price for the weekend.