Style resolutions for this year

New year resolutions are not meant to be just for your life goals but also, they should be of fashion goals. Refining yourself for the coming year and being able to cope up with them is a hell of a thing. So, if you aim to work on your fashion, you may upgrade your game to a huge extent.

Remind yourself that you can do way better to your fashion goals to own the looks than you did in the past year. All you would need is to think of what are the gaps present in your fashion goals and look the best version of yourself every coming day.

What do you exactly want?

Getting your facts clear is the main thing here. Where do you want to reach? Do you want to become a risk-taker? Do you want to refine your previous style game? Ask all of these questions to yourself to step up.

Fashion resolutions you should make this year to upgrade your style game to many times;

Blazer, pumps and pants

You must have noticed the escalation in the use of blazers this year. A lot of women have started to wear them. If you do not have one, rush to buy yours for your style statement. I would prefer if you go with some funky color schemes to stand out others. Pairing up your blazer with leather pants can be another treat to the eyes as the style will last longer. If you spend some heavy money on the outfits, they might last longer than the others. If you want both quality and style at the same time, count on Ownthelooks dresses for women. They are good from every perspective.

Slip dress and knit top

One of your style resolutions should be regarding investing in some more colors. Bring yourself out of the boring color routine and bring an aura of colors around you.

Pullover, skirt and a clutch

Mixing up different textures and subjects bring variation in your wardrobe which looks nothing but great. This is a very good way for you to show the creativity you have got. Don’t forget to play with various prints and designer clothes for the overall look.

Earrings, bodysuit and trousers

People sometimes deny the importance of statement earrings. This year do not ignore the accessories and let them be a part of your outfits.

Top with a skirt

Skip jeans and pants a little and get yourself a dress or a skirt. It gives a very flowy and a feminine look. You can either go with plain tops and printed skirts or with printed top and skirt both. Both have their own stylish looks but the print you choose matters the most. Be good with them.

Ownthelooks Instagram has a huge variety of dresses you would love to have in the coming season. Ownthelooks has it all and we are all so excited to work on our new year resolutions and this is all really happening.