Digbrew – Dough Pizza review

Dig Brew Co. exists within a converted factory unit, which houses large vats full of delicious craft beer, served to thirsty punters from a full length bar every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Owner Oli Webb ensures Dig Brew is inventive, creative and unique in an ever growing industry. From the quirky craft ales they brew to the Beer Opera which has become a popular event, but there’s more..

Oli’s brother Harry now operates a super cool Pizza factory at the back of the unit simply named ‘Dough’.

Myself and a friend decided to catch up with chief pizzaiolo Harry Webb before a recent tasting session.

Harry explained that he became a huge fan of pizza while studying Physics at University in Bristol – “Pizza, especially 20″ ones are great for me as it is really a great platform to trail as loads of different things.” said Harry.

They decided to move away from traditional pizza for a number of reasons. It gave Harry an excuse to match the level of creativity of the beer being produced. Harry gave an insight into some of that creativity – “‘Bridgette’, is a play on a four cheese pizza and really the first pizza I created that I was proud off. She’s a white pizza, with a base of toasted almonds, mozzarella, grana padano, stilton, gorgonzola & honey. Its really really indulgent – sort of like the best cheese on toast you’ve ever had.

It’s a popular choice for punters too, it’s like a peshwari naan, which sits nicely in the Midlands. Harry is currently working on New York baked cheesecakes which are also proving very popular alongside the craft ales.

Dough Pizza

You can order a Quarter Pie for £6 or a Whole Pie for £20 and we ordered a quarter of each which we then asked to be cut into halves again.

The long benches make for a fabulous communal space and a relaxed environment to eat within. We also sampled a stout each, which was rich and made for a great accompaniment to the pizza.

We began with Hildegard Von Bingen which can be made Vegan if you choose. This consists of Marinara, Glazed Baby Tomato, Burrata, House Cheese and Basil. A rich tomato flavour with thin fresh crispy base. 

Then onto Bridgette. A White Base, Toasted Almonds, Stilton, Dolcelatte, House Cheese and Honey. As mentioned this had a peshwari naan taste and definitely one of my favourites. It has a sweet honey, toasted cheesy crunch. 

The Lilith is constructed with Nduja Marinara, Pepperoni, Roquito & Piquante Jam, Burrata, House Cheese and Basil. Again rich with tomato flavours and a spicy kick to every munch.

..you can almost taste the passion and science in every bite..

Suzy Chapstick is made with a Fondue Savoyard Base, Roasted Potato, Braised Ham Hock, Ogleshield and House Cheese. This had a most unusal taste but one which we both said was moreish.

Littlefoot can be made Vegan but we had it with Marinara, Roasted Tenderstem Broccoli, Piquante Peppers, Spring Onions, Green Pesto Cream Cheese, Romesco Sauce, Cashew Parmesan and Basil. Wow, what a taste combination, I would go for a half of this next time.

The House Cheese can be Fior di latte, grana pedano, mozzarella, cheddar (contains rennet, vegan blend available). Every Thursday punters can enjoy a Bottomless Pizza from 5pm til 9pm for £10.

We didn’t really need any sides or dessert but rest assured, for anyone who doesn’t think a 20″ pizza is enough, you can also choose from Dough Balls (Garlic Butter & Grana Padano, Maple Garlic Butter, Cashew Parmesan, Nduja & Garlic Butter, Honey, Grana Padano), Scamorza Dippers with Roquitto & Piquante Jam, Croquettes (Nduja, Green Pesto, Mixed), House Salads and a quite delicious looking Baked Cheesecake which also has a vegan option.

This whole set-up is obviously well conceived, and fits in perfectly with what Dig Brew are doing beer-wise. The music is laid back and cool, the craft beers are all very moreish and for me to find a craft ale that I would describe as session is rare, but it’s happened here for the first time with a brew last summer. And now you can sit, drink, chat, chill and chomp.

These pizzas are a cut above your traditional Italian styles, you can almost taste the passion and science in every bite, the flavours are rich and unique, but also moreish and ideal as a quick snack or a big fill up. Bravo to Oli, Harry and team for carving something truly creative and unique in the backstreets of Industrial Digbeth.

Words by Nick Byng for Grapevine Birmingham.