Dragon Tiger: What is it and Strategies to Win

Dragon Tiger is a popular casino game in Asia, especially Japan, and is gaining in popularity in Europe and the United States. The game is simple to play but has complex betting options that can make it challenging for some players. This blog post will provide an overview of the game, discuss the different ways to bet and give some tips on how to win. Are you ready to take on the dragon and tiger? Let’s go!

What is Dragon Tiger and How to Win?

If you have stumbled across this article, it is probably because you want to learn more about what Dragon Tiger is. Dragon Tiger is essentially a card game that is very similar to baccarat, another online casino game that has become very popular. The main difference between the two is that with Dragon Tiger, you are betting whether the dragon or tiger will win.

Unlike other online casino games, you aren’t playing against other players or the dealer in Dragon Tiger. Instead, all you are doing is simply betting whether or not the dragon or tiger will win. Dragon Tiger is also quite a social game. Dragon Tiger is not as popular in Europe, but it’s quite popular in Japan, with many couples finding their partner through their common interest of Dragon Tiger. More importantly, there aren’t multiple stages and bets to be made before cards are drawn, which makes the game incredibly simple and easy to play.

Manage Your Bankroll

The very first thing you are going to need to do to win more often when playing Dragon Tiger is to manage your bankroll effectively. Simply put, there is no way you will win bets consecutively or be able to stay in the game to make up for money lost if you are betting big with each bet. The best way to make money when playing Dragon Tiger is to be able to extend your duration of play, and that can only be done by betting conservatively and managing your bankroll.

Bet on Only One

The next tip that could help you to win a lot more bets when playing Dragon Tiger is to only bet on either the dragon or the tiger, but avoid betting on both. Why? Because Dragon Tiger only has a house edge of around 3.73%, which means your odds of winning are relatively high. More importantly, both sides have a 50%-win rate, but changing between the two could lead you to choose the losing side more often.

Betting Systems

Another thing that you might have thought about doing is making use of betting systems. There are many recommended betting systems for Dragon Tiger, such as the Martingale strategy, suit-based strategy, or card-counting strategy. Unfortunately, betting systems don’t work, since Dragon Tiger is a game of luck and relies on random number generation technology. This means there is no way to use a strategy to predict which side will win.

Avoid Betting on a Tie

One of the best tips you can receive for Dragon Tiger is to avoid betting on a tie as much as possible. While it is true that if you win that bet you can make a lot of money, it also means that the house edge for betting on a tie is incredibly big at around 32%. This means you won’t win when betting on a tie; there are around 86,320 different combinations of cards, and only 6,488 are ties. In other words, you will lose far more than you will win.

Play at a Licensed Site

Another very important tip if you want to win more often when playing Dragon Tiger, or at the very least, lose less often, would be to play at a licensed site. Unfortunately, there are many fake sites on the internet today, and many of them are malicious. If you play at a fake site, you run the risk of having your money stolen and denied the opportunity to ever win. To avoid this, you should always play at licensed sites.

Understand the Game Before Playing

Finally, the last tip on this list would be to understand the game before playing. A big mistake many people make is playing a game they don’t fully understand. This will almost always lead to you losing money and losing bets. To avoid this, become familiar with the game first before playing, this way you can win a few bets.