Egyptian themed slot games to play

One of the most immediately distinctive things about the modern online slots industry is the fact that there are so many different game themes to look out for these days. It is massively exciting too, and means that it is rarely a boring experience going through an online casino site’s selection of different games – play Diablo Reels on Cozino. Indeed, slot themes are what sets these games apart from other casino games, because no other casino game has such an endless capacity for reinvention! 

There are a few iconic slot themes that have become cemented in legend over the last several decades, with things like the “luck of the Irish” slot theme being the most famous. Ancient Egyptian slot themes have also been well loved since pretty much the start of the slots journey. In fact, Temple of Isis, widely acknowledged to be the first online slot to be commercially successful, is an Anceint Egypt themed slot, so you can see exactly what we mean here. Regardless, keep reading for some of the best Egyptian themed slot games to play. 

Reasons to love the Egyptian slot theme 

Before we state some actual examples of Egyptian themed slot games, we have to ask – why do so many people love the Egyptian slot theme? It looks cool of  course, but how come the Ancient Egyptian theme has been used more than, say the Romans? We’re about to get to the bottom of that one, here are some reasons to love the Egyptian slot theme: 

·         Ancient Egyptian mythology: Many of the symbols and images that come from Ancient Egyptian mythology have become world famous, and there is no denying that they look pretty cool. Slot developers can also have a field day with Ancient Egyptian mythology tropes when creating their Ancient Egyptian slots.

·         Gold and yellow colour way: For one reason or another the Ancient Egyptians are associated with the colours of yellow and gold, which makes them perfect for online slot developers.

·         A look into history: Human history is intensely fascinating, and the Ancient Egyptian civilization is a huge part of this. It existed for many thousands of years, and witnessed the building of incredible structures like pyramids and the sphinx. Playing Ancient Egyptian slots can be a fascinating insight into this. 

The best Egyptian themed slot games to play 

Right then, we’ve listed a few of the reasons why people love to play on Ancient Egyptian themed online slots, so now it’s time to give a few concrete examples. Finding the crème de la crème of Ancient Egyptian slot games isn’t the easiest thing you know, mainly because there are so many games on offer using the theme at the moment. 

It means that it is more vital than ever to make sure you are playing the best Ancient Egyptian games that you possibly can, otherwise what’s the point?  Take a look at some of our all-time favourite Ancient Egyptian online video slots below: 

·         A While On The Nile

·         Pharaoh’s Fortune

·         Crown of Egypt