Gambling in the UK along the years

Gambling is a very popular and lucrative hobby all around the world, and the United Kingdom is not an exception. Great Britain nowadays is home to over 155 casinos scattered all around the UK alone. Every class always loved to gamble, no matter how high the stakes were, depending on how deep their pockets were, people have been gambling for centuries, if not even millennia. Studies in 2021 have shown that over 20 million people in the United Kingdom take part in casino related activities, both in online casinos and actual brick and mortar casinos. Not only can you find numerous casinos to visit in every country around the world, you can also enjoy gambling from the comfort of your own home through online casinos, which give you an even better experience than real life casinos, with bonuses and many more ways to satisfy gamers and give them the best possible gaming experience.

Gambling goes way, way back to the far roots of English culture, as far as the middle ages, if not even further. From the records we have today we can confirm that all kinds of people used to bet and gamble. There were numerous activities that many enjoyed gambling on, like cockfighting, horse races, chess, dice, and much more. Some betting activities required deeper pockets than others, therefore many betting activities were classified to specific wealth ranges. This eventually changed as gambling’s massive industrial potential started showing, and leaders started regulating the activity to make it even more lucrative and attractive.

The first person to ever officiate laws and regulations around the ever-popular activity, was King Richard of England. He had introduced these legislations in the year 1190. At first, the regulations made it difficult for many to gamble as they were oriented solely from a nobleman’s perspective, which made it too expensive for lower classes to be able to join in on the activity. This led to a lot of ‘underground gambling,’ where working classes set up their own secret illegal betting parlors and bet against the law.

As time passed, society began to take more balance, and rights and privileges started being shared equally amongst all societal classes, which led to gambling and betting to be a lot more accessible to those who couldn’t due to earlier regulations, which made the hobby even more popular than ever.

Nowadays, gambling has evolved into an industry almost bigger than any other, raking in crazy amounts of revenue. This is thanks to all the locals and tourists who fuel the industry with millions of bets annually, who are just enjoying a nice thrill and a chance to win big.