Should You Wear Colored Contacts & Should You Buy Them Online?

During one of your lazy Sundays that you probably spend scrolling through social media and reading all kinds of different stuff online, you have come across colored contacts. The idea of changing the color of your eyes that way is definitely appealing to you and now you have started thinking about getting these lenses. There is just one little thing, one tiny voice in your head that’s stopping you from taking that final step and ordering these products.

What is the voice saying? Well, it’s more about what it isn’t saying, to be honest. Let me make this clear and simple. You are probably not sure whether wearing colored contacts is a good idea in the first place and, on top of that, you aren’t quite sure if you should buy these online, or if you should go to a brick and mortar shop since that instills more confidence in you. Those are all some valid questions and I am going to try and answer them for you today, so keep reading.

What Are Colored Contacts?

Unsurprisingly, if you really want to understand whether wearing these contacts is a good idea or not, we will need to start with explaining the very basics. I am quite positive that you already know what these are and that you could make your own definition right away, but it’s still worth explaining. After all, some people might not be quite sure about what these actually are or why they exist in the first place and it’s our job to make things clear.

As you can see here, colored contacts are actually cosmetic lenses designed specifically to change the appearance of your eyes. Some of these are made to merely tint your iris and give you a slightly different shade, while others completely cover it and change the color drastically. In addition to that, some colored lenses are designed to sort of reshape your pupils, which is often used at costume parties and similar events.

Does this mean these lenses are exclusively non-prescription ones and that you cannot wear them if you have issues with your eyesight and need it corrected and improved? I can see why you might have thought that, but the truth is a bit different. In simple words, you can definitely get colored contacts if your doctor gives you a prescription. You’ll just need to fill in those details when ordering your products, but we will get to that part later.

Are They Safe?

One of the questions that is probably popping up rather frequently when these are mentioned is actually connected to the safety of the lenses. While some people don’t even think about it, others might get worried and start assuming that these contacts are actually not safe for their eyes. So, what is the truth here?

I completely understand the concerns and I respect everyone’s decision to not buy these until they have done their homework and checked the actual safety of colored lenses. That being said, I want you to understand that there is absolutely no reason for you to be worried about the safety of these contacts. The truth is that they function the same way as the traditional lenses, which means that they are perfectly safe for your eyes.

Of course, any contacts that aren’t used the right way can be harmful and can lead to infections, but I suppose that your doctor had already explained this to you. It’s basically common knowledge, so there’s absolutely no way that you don’t know that these products need to be properly cleaned and maintained if you want them to be safe for you. How often and how much you should clean them depends on the actual type you choose. Rigid ones last longer but require much more attention, while soft ones are disposed of after one week, meaning that they require less attention. The ultimate choice is up to you.

Should You Wear Them?

Now that we have gotten you properly acquainted with the whole concept of colored contacts and now that you understand everything regarding their safety, it’s time to answer one of our main questions for the day. Should you actually wear these lenses? Here’s the simple answer. Why not? Since these are perfectly safe and since they function just like regular lenses, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t wear them if you feel like changing the color of your eyes either from time to time or for good.

Is Buying Them Online A Good Idea?

There is only one more question left for us to answer. If you take the time to check out or any similar online shop, you will realize that buying colored contacts online is certainly not a new, or an uncommon, concept. People have been doing this for a while now and, once again, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try it as well. Of course, if you have a specific prescription, you’ll need to add the details to your order, so that you can get the best product.

Apart from adding prescription details, there’s one more thing that you will have to worry about when buying these products online. Simply put, not every supplier will be able to provide you with the quality you want and deserve. That just means that you will need to take some time to research different suppliers before you actually choose the one that you want to shop from.