Emerging Trends: What To Look Out For This Summer

People are always looking for new things to taste, to wear, to listen to, and new places to see – the tastes are changing with each season, sometimes each week. Although sometimes it really doesn’t look like it, summer is coming – and with the new season, a slew of brand new trends to observe in any and all areas: food, fashion, music, and travel. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends that you can expect to come across this summer.


Short weekend trips, a daycation or a city break, is expected to be the most sought-after form of vacationing this summer. 2019 is expected to be the year of “bite-sized travel”, with shorter time frames and more experiences crammed into a day or a weekend. These weekend trips will require unique, memorable accommodation options – yurts and other similar options will likely be among the most sought-after this summer.


Combinations that would’ve raised many eyebrows in the last decade will begin to show up in the streets as soon as the heat arrives. The trendsetters predict athleisure to go mainstream – expect to see bike shorts with blazers to be one of the hottest fashion trends this summer. Among the other trends, you’ll probably also spot many more pieces with animal prints, utilitarian outfits, and puff shoulders – many of them in soothing lavender tones. The fashionable man, in turn, will wear plaid pants or light-wash denim cropped trousers with neck scarves, sling bags – all this in mismatched prints, paired with a vintage watch.


This year, new flavours are expected to infiltrate the foodies’ preferences, many of them from the East. Sri Lankan dishes like kottu roti and hoppers (rice flour pancakes shaped like a bowl) will show up on menus along with Burmese ones like laphet and specific fritters. The restaurants will do more to avoid food waste, going with more sustainable options when shopping for fruit and vegetables – they will gladly use the misshapen ones. At the same time, plant-based “meats” will infiltrate restaurants, and others will go meat-free entirely, also in the spirit of sustainability. The spirit of the year is expected to be rum (mostly in low-alcohol cocktails) while the wine of the year is expected to be Zweigelt. And the meat of the year, in many restaurants, will be the goat, this tasty, and versatile, byproduct of the goat dairy industry.


There are many contenders for the title of the “hit of this summer” in many styles. The streaming services around the world allow listeners to discover genres from around the world, including those born from the fusion of various regional styles and beats. The genres will once again battle for supremacy – in the US, rock was already subdued by hip-hop, and something similar – with other genres – can be expected to happen in the rest of the world. When it comes to the medium, it will be a mix of old and new – vinyl sales will continue to grow along with streaming, and CD sales will continue to decrease, at least for the time being.