Finding A Way To Experience Birmingham’s Culture When Money Is Tight

Britain’s second city hasn’t brought the exorbitant expenses of the capital with it – according to Birmingham Live, the city has the second cheapest cost of living in Britain. Despite this, finding the cash to experience culture can sometimes fall by the wayside, especially as average family debt increases and inflation continues to impact on everyday essentials. For individuals or families struggling to find those extra pounds to contribute to nights out and events, there are ways to make money stretch further.

Getting your house in order

Before you look at ways to obtain more income, it’s important to look at your current situation and how it can improve. There are two main techniques to use here. Firstly, if you use credit, take a look at your habits and see if you can adjust them. Eliminate any bad habits you use, such as only paying the minimum balance, and using your card immediately after making payments. Seek out advice, and stick to it. Secondly, create a budget and stick to it. The Independent reported in 2018 that a quarter of British people have no savings, and part of this was largely down to a lack of budgeting – rather than a lack of money. Getting a firm grasp on where your money is going to can help you to scrimp in other areas and find the cash you need to fund a night out or day at the theatre.

Taking stock of your entitlements

If you’ve got your eye on a particular event, make sure you check to see if there are any concessions. Many venues and companies will provide cheaper tickets for students, senior citizens and certain groups. The Repertory Theatre, for example, has prices starting at £10 per ticket and various schemes where theatre-goers can pick up tickets for a very decent price. Before heading out or picking your event, have a good read of the website of the company in question, or check the Birmingham council website which provide examples and advice for obtaining concessions.

Making a little extra

In the situation where you simply need a bit of extra cash to get out and about, there’s no shame in looking for a side job. According to The Daily Telegraph, over a million people now had a side job that is largely present to provide for their recreational activities. This can range from gig economy jobs, such as Uber driving and Deliveroo, through to online content creation and selling wares. If you’re creative, you could make money from art and music online through gig services, for instance.

Birmingham has a thriving cultural scene which is remarkably affordable to boot. However, for many, it’s not always obvious where the money for these pursuits is coming from. The easiest way to find those extra pounds is to take a controlled look at your finances and scrimp and save where you can. For those simply without the money, gig jobs offer a little extra to help fund recreational activities.

Photo by Luke Matthews on Unsplash