Fitted sloping ceilings wardrobes

The costs of moving these days is exceptionally high. Legal costs, stamp duty, surveys and the percentage the estate agent takes mixed with the rising cost of living compared to wages are all stacking up against the housing market.

For this reason many people are instead looking to renovate and do up their old property to squeeze a few more years out before moving to pastures new.

Old houses, or houses which have been converted into flats with loft living spaces, can often have awkward ceilings, with irregular shaped nooks and crannies, not to mention sloping ceilings.

If you are renovating such a property, the chances are, standard wardrobes and storage space will not fit neatly in your room. If they do fit there will be lost space where things do not match up and if it is a small room you really do want to be making the most of every bit of space available.

A simple answer to this conundrum is to install fitted sloping ceilings wardrobes.

Apart from the aesthetics, the practical benefits of having fitted wardrobes really make it a worth while investment. It can transform a small space into something modern and roomy.

May modern studio apartments have sloping ceilings so a contemporary design is essential that wow factor.

Sliding doors, ergonomically designed will add a bit of class to the most sparse room.

Designs can range from Scandinavian contemporary with wood finishes, or traditional vaneered style wardrobes to all glass to give the impression of even more space within your home.

Handles can be recessed and flush to the door or stylish wood for a more traditional feel. Aluminium is a popular choice too, with sliding doors meaning you can have beds and other furniture close to the doors without them being an obstruction.

Patterned and panelled doors will be more suitable to those with an eye for design, matching furniture, fixtures and fittings with a suitable colour code.

Whatever your choice, a fitted wardrobe will easily transform your room, apartment or house and enable you to enjoy more space at less cost. It is an investment for when you do come to sell and will give the impression of more room.

While you are thinking about fitted wardrobes, why not also consider fitted fold out beds, these will provide the same solution for small spaces and can transform a small bedroom into a pop up office space or dining area.

You may wish to navigate to this website to view a wide range of fitted wardrobes and fold out beds.