Writing an essay is never a piece of cake. Many of us are naturally gifted when working on papers, but the rest have to put in much effort. Therefore, you must keep some of these tricks in mind while working.


Nothing is possible in the writing world unless you know the proper instructions and the task requirements. You can write as much as you want and be the best writer out there, but if you neglect the instructions to understand the needs of a task, your ship will surely sink. A wise person will always read the requirements section at least thrice before starting the task.

Don’t blindly walk into a trap where you will lose your marks. Be smart and keep the requirements in mind, and if you can’t, take help from a cheap essay writing service Canadato write for you. Generally, there aren’t too many requirements. Some of the most common ones are:

  • The word limit;
  • The format;
  • The topic;
  • formal or informal use of language;
  • properly linking each paragraph;
  • writing an impactful conclusion.

Your professor doesn’t have to give the exact instructions, but more or less, they will be mindful of these things.

The Topic

The topic is perhaps the most straightforward and essential thing in any writing. If you don’t understand the subject, you are about to turn your paper into a fiasco. Always keep the topic in mind. If you don’t understand it go and get clarity from your teacher. Never assume the subject yourself because the moment your paper deviates from the topic, you will start losing marks faster than anything.

The plus point is that if you understand the subject of your task, you can come up with content related to it instead of beating around the bush and trying to meet the word limit. Always remember that it isn’t about the quantity but rather the quality of your writing. If it doesn’t flow well, what’s the point of even working on it?

The Outline

The outline of any paper is essential because it helps the content flow ideally. Students generally have to follow the mainstream outline.

  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion.

Professors might make a few changes to it depending on the type of paper they want, but no essay is complete without the introduction body and conclusion.

In the introduction, you provide a little background on your topic and then state the purpose of the issue. Finally, you use the thesis statement to summarize the whole passage in one line.

You can mention all the nitty-gritty bits of the topic in the body paragraphs. Yup, you have complete autonomy here to elaborate on all relevant points.

Finally, in conclusion, you must restate the thesis statement to remind the readers of the essay’s purpose and then voice your opinion while summarizing the passage. Oh, and make sure you don’t include any new details here.


Research is a part that the students resent the most. It takes them too much time, consumes much energy, and at the end of the day, too much information makes students feel pressured into writing everything.

Well, it is still essential because, without research, the credibility of your paper becomes zilch. It falls to the ground as nothing accurate or factual mentions other than your subjective opinions and observations. You need research to support your ideas and show what the foundation of every claim has been so far. In case you need help, you can seek the assistance of the best essay writing service Canada.


Errors aren’t a foreign concept to any of us. It is natural for people to make mistakes while writing in a hurry. Even if you’re calmly working, you will still make errors because that is just the way it is with humans. Unless you proofread your work, you will not eliminate these errors. Yes, they are naturally occurring because we tend to make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean your teacher will ignore the errors and grant you free marks. If you feel drained or lazy while doing it, go to an essay writing service Canada for help.

So, you must always proofread and edit your paper while keeping your mistakes in mind. It might take you fifteen to twenty extra minutes but believe us, it is all worth the effort. Your paper will come close to perfection, eliminate most bits that can take your grade away, and feel proud of yourself for producing such an outstanding piece for your class submission.

Now that you know the five essential things you must always think about, preparing a brilliant paper will never be as difficult as it was before for you. Instead of fearing the write-up, it is time to conquer it because now you have the right tools. All you need is a little practice, and you’re good to go!