Food Tourism in Birmingham: Where to Go

We all travel for different reasons. Some of us love adventures and extreme sports. Others prefer the peaceful atmosphere of a luxury resort. Many can’t wait to see the cultural and historical sights of a new place. However, no matter the reason you endure your adventures, we all can agree on one thing. Trying new food in new places is among the most exciting things you can do while traveling. Food tourism has grown in its popularity over recent years. People are eager to learn what other cultures and new cities can offer them in terms of local cuisine. 

Well, if you are coming to Birmingham anytime soon, you will not be disappointed. With the food industry slowly getting back on its feet after the pandemic, it’s the perfect time to visit a few local cafes, bars, and exquisite restaurants. Let’s see where you can go when in Birmingham. 

The Warehouse Cafe

54-57 Allison St, Birmingham B5 5TH

For a very long time, Birmingham was the vegan capital of Great Britain. With time, other cities have caught up with the plant-diet trend and enlarged their vegan options too. Still, Birmingham remains a great place to find lots of vegan dining places. Quite the opposite, here you can find some of the best vegan dishes in the whole country. The Warehouse Cafe is one of many such examples. 

The Waterhouse Cafe is the most visited vegan cafe in Birmingham. With 4.6 ratings at Google maps and almost 500 reviews, you know you can trust this place to have a delicious vegan meal. The place is famous for its vegan burgers, cakes, vegan version of fish and chips, and much more. Oh, and let’s not forget about a wide selection of craft beers available. 

Grand Central Kitchen Birmingham

7 Stephenson St, Birmingham B2 4BL

To eat well and on a budget in Birmingham is easier than you think. Just visit Grand Central Kitchen Birmingham! Great service, appealing prices, and tasty food. What else do you need from the local cuisine? The place is as traditional as you can get. With all traditional British dishes presented in a menu (and more), this place is a true dining gem of Birmingham. Yes, it is a highly popular place among the tourists, we admit. Still, it’s one of the friendliest, coziest restaurants available on our list. Somehow its wide exposure to the public did not kill its homelike charm. 

The Garden House 

160 Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 9NX 

For those looking for a nice dinner place, The Garden House can be the right pick. This country-style pub is a great choice for the tourists who want to experience a mix of traditional British pubs with a pinch of elegance and chic. It’s a nice family-friendly place, where you can have a peaceful evening with your loved ones. The pub has vegan and vegetarian options available, as well as gluten-free dishes. Also, if you’d need to get some ideas for statistics project, you can ask them about how many pubs usually have vegan options these days. In our opinion, the statistics are still far from perfect. 

200 Degrees Coffee Shop & Barista School

21 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BH

All coffee lovers here may rejoice. The 200 Degrees Coffee Shop & Barista School here will not leave you without a decent cup of coffee while you are visiting Birmingham. One of the most known and beloved coffee shops in Birmingham, 200 Degrees Coffee Shop, will meet everyone’s expectations. This place is responsible for preserving and spreading the coffee culture across the entire country. After all, any coffee shop with its own roaster already deserves some love from vivid coffee drinkers. However, even those who feel indifferent to coffee will find something to their taste here. The menu will accommodate you with tea, sandwiches, and desserts of all kinds, while the nice decor and cozy atmosphere will help you relax after all that sightseeing. 

Flight Club Birmingham

13 Temple St, Birmingham B2 5BN

Even the most accomplished travelers and food tourists will be pleasantly surprised to see the Fight Club bar in Birmingham. This place was fast to receive the title of one of the most beautiful bars in the city, and for a good reason. The decor and overall style of the place deserve a guide on its own. The Fight Club’s atmosphere will bring you back to the early 20th century nightclubs. It’s elegant, smart, classy, and yet rather fun. The bar offers a great choice of cocktails and wine as well as a whole range of sharing plates for large groups of people. 

Yet, at the same time, it still has the old-time favorite British pub games, like darts and more. Will it be the traditional touristic experience to an English pub, without the dart game and a pint of beer? Overall, the visit to this bar is an experience no food tourist should miss while in Birmingham.