Steps to Create a Huge Social Media Fan Base

In this modern era, social media plays an important role to spread more than a word about your brand or business. Although 100 followers on Twitter and 500 followers on Instagram can’t really promise you success with increased leads, building a loyal and huge social media fan base on different platforms can do wonders for you. Let’s take the example of Alexandra Botez, she has a huge fan base and gained popularity by streaming chess content on Twitch. She keeps in contact with her fans by posting on her different social media platforms. If you want to create your own fan base, check the article here.

No matter what your ultimate goal is, you can build social media following to your advantage as described in the steps below.

1. Hold Contests

Holding contests is a great way to introduce yourself to new users and gain a huge fan following over time. It also helps to keep your followers engaged. You can set different giveaway rules every time such as you can ask the users to follow you, comment on your post, tag friends, answer a trivia question, etc. In the end, don’t forget to spread the word about it, so more people can interact and enter your contest to help you achieve your goal.

2. Ask Your Followers for Feedback

Whether you’re an influencer or promoting your business on social media, your followers’ feedback matters a lot. It makes them feel like you genuinely care about their opinion and this allows them to stick with you as your loyal fans. You can do a live session or post a poll asking about their preference on the type of content they want to see from you or the kind of product they would like to buy. Implementing their suggestions, later on, is essential to not leave them feeling ignored.

3. Engage with Your Followers

On social media, you need to be “social” with the users in order to turn them into your loyal followers. You should reply to their comments, like their comments, or reply to them in the DMs to let them know that you are not solely here to promote your business but you also cater to the needs of your followers.

4. Post on a Consistent Schedule

Posting content on a daily basis and suddenly vanishing into the thin air without any solid reason will make you lose your fan base. Your followers “follow” you for the content that you post and if you don’t do so, they don’t have any reason to follow you. Therefore, you should keep posting your awesome content on a regular basis so your followers have something to look forward to.

5. Share More Video Content

Creating video content catches the eye of the users on all platforms more as compared to the other type of content. Rather than posting a link to a YouTube video, you should upload exciting, short videos on your page. This allows your followers to watch your videos with ease and, most of the time, your video auto-plays when users scroll through their feed, therefore, increasing your page’s reach and engagement.