for-Wards two-year city-wide music project

10 Composers, 30 Musicians, 40 Community Groups, 10 Local Performances.  2 years, 1 Spectacular Performance

for-Wards is an ambitious two-year city-wide music project creating original musical compositions inspired by Birmingham’s 40 wards.

This audacious project has just launched, commissioning 10 composers and 30 musicians to collaborate with communities across Birmingham. Using a unique approach, musicians and local people will collaborate to create a suite of 10 new musical pieces culminating in live performances.

Photo by Peter Bradbury

The first 5 composers are Pram, Juice Aleem, Godflesh’s Justin Broadwick, Percy Pursglove and Bobbie-Jane Gardner. Help us support their work as we begin reaching all of the City’s 40 Wards (see full musician profiles on

Juice Aleem performs at launch party, photo by Peter Bradbury

A message from Team for-Wards

Join for-Wards in creating a cultural sound map of Birmingham and support the creation of 10 amazing pieces of music!!

Your pledge will go directly to the musicians programme with £2.5k going towards composer fees and £2.5k supporting live and local performances.

for-Wards map created by Claire Hartley and Birmingham Music Archive

You can buy one of the bespoke items from the for-Wards pledge shop, (including a tote bag or print of the above musical map of Birmingham), or simply donate anything from as little as £5 right here:

Please also pass this on to 5 people that you think love Birmingham and it’s musical heritage as much as for-Wards.

Thanks from Team for-Wards