Fun Activities to Do In Birmingham

When you are out and about in Birmingham, the UK’s second biggest city, it is impossible to get bored. This is because there is simply so much available for you to do. The tricky part can be knowing which activities are the best to engage in. The good news is that this guide has been created in order to give you the best overview. If you are interested in what those activities are, then it is definitely recommended to read the rest of this guide which has been expressly created for your reading pleasure.

Head to the Bullring

With a storied history, the Bullring is easily one of the most iconic buildings in the whole of the UK. It’s also one of the biggest malls in the country, making it an amazing place to visit. This means that there will be a whole load of shops for you to head to if you are interested in buying that perfect treat for yourself (or anyone that you think deserves one). It’s also simply a great place to hang out and to meet people.

Explore the City’s Amazing Culinary Offerings

After London, Birmingham is a hotspot for great food in the country. It counts seven Michelin-star restaurants, making it a go-to place for fine dining, as well as several different types of more affordable eats. Additionally, thanks to the city’s notable number of residents from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, it is highly recommended to check out one of the city’s curry-houses, perfect for a meal before (or after) a night out.

Check Out The Local Parks

When it comes to parks, Birmingham is actually a world-leader – counting a whopping 591 of them. This means that it has more green space than any other equivalently sized city in Europe. Find the nearest one to where you live, bring a picnic and some friends and you will be sure to have a good time. To make it extra special, it might be worth complementing your day out with some great vaping materials. To achieve this, it’s definitely a great idea to look around for a vape shop online.

Go To The Zoo

No matter whether you are going to explore Birmingham as a local or as a tourist, it’s essential that if you bring kids with you, you engage in an activity that won’t quickly bore them. That’s why when it comes to keeping your kids interested, there is nothing that beats taking them to the zoo. The great news is that there are four great options for you to check out: Birmingham Zoo, Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, Dudley Zoo and Castle and the National SEA Life Centre Birmingham. It’s worth researching which types of animals are at this zoo and to figure out which animals your kids would like to see. With that said, you don’t need to have children to enjoy the zoo: it can even be a wonderful idea for a date, especially a first one!